Popverso: Brazilian wins American gastronomy reality show

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This year, Brazilian Jaíne Mackievicz, 29, won the reality show “The Julia Child Challenge” (Discovery+), in honor of cookbook author Julia Child (1912-2004). For those who don’t remember, actress Meryl Streep played the iconic culinary artist in the movie “Julie & Julia” in 2009.

But the figure of Julia Child appeared in Jaine’s life long before the reality show.

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Born in a small town in the countryside of Rondônia, the Brazilian decided to move to the United States to study gastronomy, inspired by the American culinary artist. “I was very tall, I was bullied at school and Julia Child was someone who didn’t fit the standards of what I saw on television”, says Jaíne. She adds: “Eventually I decided to follow in Julia’s footsteps. I wanted to come here to study at the school she founded in the United States.”

In an interview with Popverso, from CNN Brazil, Jaíne talked to Mari Palma about her passion for food and revealed her secrets to winning the popular show. “My trump card, actually, was being this improvised Brazilian cook, who does things without following the script, you know?”. She secured the competition prize using Brazilian spices and even cooked beans and brigadeiro. “It is that statement that some dreams, if [a gente] dreaming hard enough, they come true”, he reflects.

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Jaíne Mackievicz is one of the interviewees in the panel “Cérebros Made in Brasil”, by Popverso, who has already spoken with designer Eduardo Lima, who participated in the Harry Potter films, and with model Kerolyn Soares, who paraded for the Balenciaga brand in the presentation this year’s haute couture show in Paris.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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