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Portable Changing Table: The Best Folding Travel Models

The portable changing table cannot be missing from the bags, suitcases and backpacks of those who are preparing to spend a period, long or short, away from home. And this is also true if by departure we mean going out to take a few steps, since the diaper emergencies do not wait for returns. And to avoid feeling in difficulty at the first change, there are many different solutions suitable for every type of need and budget.

As we will see below, you may find yourself eyeing up more than one portable changing table that is perfect for your needs, perhaps finding one to pop in your bag for the walksthe one to bring in vacation and the solution you were looking for to properly equip the grandparents’ house.

Portable changing tables: the best


We found 8 different models for size, materials and price (it goes from 16 to 80 euros) that will solve all the diaper changes on the beach, on the grass and in the car thanks to foldable, waterproof, padded and comfortable fabrics that are just enough to feel at home wherever you are. There are also some more stable proposals to make longer stays and more comfortable second homes.


Portable Folding Changing Table XL

This portable changing table is one of the most loved ever, as well as the best seller on Amazon. What makes it so appealing is the material waterproof which facilitates all cleaning operations, the cushion included, but also the presence of pockets and tactical inserts that allow you to always have everything at hand. In the upper part there is in fact space for diapers, creams and wipes. As if that were not enough, it is equipped with a hook system that allows you to attach it to the car seat. Simple, but ingenious. When closed, it measures 30 x 20 cm.

The super waterproof

Totsy Baby
Portable changing mat

Unlike other portable changing tables, which are usually made of soft padded fabric, this one features a more rigid materialmore similar to plastic, ideal for use that requires maximum waterproofness And ease of washing on both sides. In beach for example it can solve the problem of sand, but it is advisable to add a small muslin on the part where the baby rests if naked. Closed it measures 24 x 15 cm, with a rather important thickness of 5 cm, while open it is 74 x 44 cm.

The machine washable one

Hammur Home
Portable Machine Washable Changing Table

When a newborn takes over the house, the number of dirty clothes and objects increases enormously. For this reason, given the numerous accidents that can happen during diaper changes, it is also a good idea to consider a portable changing table machine washable at 40°C. Closed it measures 22×21 cm while, once opened, its dimensions are 40×70 cm. It is also equipped with a practical sponge cushion for greater comfort.

The minimal

Kea Babies
Classic gray portable changing table

If you are looking for extreme compactness and simplicitythis model can be a good idea. We like it because it is well padded, covered with a comfortable fabric inside and very resistant on the outside, waterproof enough to save the fabrics of car seats, beds and strollers. Closed it measures only 22 x 17 cm, which becomes 65 x 35 when open. Despite the good padding, once closed, it has a very minimal thickness.

To be customized

My Hobby
Travel changing mat to embroider

If you love to experiment with the embroideryyou will love this little travel changing mat in fabric which has an Aida cloth mounted on the front that is just waiting to be personalized with hand-made writings and drawings. cross-stitch. Behind its homely appearance, however, it hides some rather clever details such as the material waterproof which characterizes the internal base and thecotton terry towel to be fixed and detached with the automatic buttons. When closed it measures 28×24 cm, while when open it measures 58×71 cm.

The multifunctional

Portable changing basket

Perfect for those who travel by car and go to settle in a second home, planning a long term vacation or simply wants to equip the grandparents’ house with a smart changing table. The base is made with a beautiful basket inside which is placed a well-padded, waterproof and removable mattress. Some love it and some lie. This one measures 75 x 42 cm and folds easily into three parts during the journey.

The shabby style model

Zara Home
Portable cotton gauze changing mat

He has that soft style to which the brand has accustomed us, especially for this line in cotton gauze which has become a real trademark. It folds in a few moves, closes by tying the bows and has rather classic dimensions: 70 x 50 cm. But what makes it truly special is the possibility of coordinate it with other accessories such as The necessary for babies and the storage bag. Chic and very cute.

The rigid model

Change n Clean Changing Table

Extremely light and very thin, it is designed to be carried comfortably, but it must be said: It is not foldable. Which means that with its dimensions 70 x 50 x 10 cm it can be easily placed in the trunk of the car between one suitcase and another or inserted in a trolleybut it is not suitable to be slipped into a bag and used as a changing table while walking. What makes it very interesting is the fact that it gives us the possibility of having a space even on holiday stable and sturdywhich is also perfect as a base for do massages to the little ones.

The vintage changing table

Sevira Kids
Neo Vintage Portable Changing Table

Very simple, compact and lightweight, it is the classic portable fabric changing mat that fits comfortably into backpacks and bags, as well as on the stroller’s storage base. What makes it special, the imagination and the finishes which remind us so much of those old haberdashery shops where you could find original objects, produced with care and with that unforgettable grandmother’s scent. Made in France, measures 75 x 48 cm.

Source: Vanity Fair

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