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Porto Alegre may be close to the end of the flood; understand

The level of Guaíba reached 5.10 meters, the lowest in the last two days, on Wednesday night (15). Even though it is above 5 meters, measurements indicate that the flow is at the moment, after the new rise in the early hours of this Tuesday (14), when the waters reached 5.27 meters.

This could be the beginning of the end of the flood in Porto Alegre, according to analysis by MetSul Meteorologia. At the peak of the flood, on May 5, the Guaíba water level reached 5.33 and is now on a downward trend.

The end point of the floods should not happen tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or even next week, according to the analysis. “It will be a long and time-consuming process that will last a few weeks”, warn experts.

The forecast is that, in June, areas of the city will still have accumulated water, although in better conditions than those currently experienced in the capital. In terms of comparison, the 1941 flood lasted more than a month and was smaller than the current one.

Lagoa dos Patos registered an elevation of 2.58 — 68 cm above the level of the Pier, on the afternoon of this Wednesday (15), according to Rio Grande City Hall. The higher than normal level also makes the Guaíba flow slower.

The prediction models of the Hydraulic Research Institute (IPH) from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) indicate that Guaíba should remain above 4 m during the week.

New rains

The city is still expected to face more rain this month, which could delay the relief of the situation. Winds from the south are also expected to make drainage and normalization of the situation difficult.

According to MetSul, the large volume of water that has already descended to the South in Lagoa dos Patos and the rise of the rivers in recent days may still occur — the process of lowering the Guaíba should be slow and gradual.

Source: CNN Brasil

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