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Porto Caleri, the jewel beach (and nature reserve) of Veneto

Between the Adige river and the Po Levante, about 40 km south of Venice, there is a little jewel hidden: Porto Caleri with its splendid Coastal Botanical Garden and its wonderful beach. In province of Rovigothis nature reserve with salt marshes, native vegetation – and birdwatching paradise – is located within the Po Delta Park of the Veneto.

Where is Porto Caleri located

Porto Caleri beach is located in the southern end of the municipality of Rosolinaa village that rises right near the delta of due great Italian rivers and which lives above all from agriculture, fishing and tourism – strictly slow.

Flavio Vallenari

This stretch of Venetian coast it is a seaside resort much loved for the clarity of its water and the somewhat wild spirit of the beach, which is not equipped and can be accessed strictly on foot. Cars can be left in a parking at the end of the road that runs along the lagoon from which the pedestrian paths that cross the Coastal Botanical Garden of Porto Caleri start.

There are three routes, all with wooden walkways suspended over the water. Route A is dedicated to the wooded area; the B crosses the internal dunes revealing rare flowers such as the rake, the sandwort and orchids; while with route C, the longest, you cross them all the existing eco-systems: from the pine forest, to the sands, to the Mediterranean scrub and finally to the humid areas.

The beach of Porto Caleri

There Porto Caleri beach it is a protected natural oasis, rich in flora and fauna – among the most characteristic and special species, there is the spontaneous orchid that blooms in spring, and it is easy to spot egrets, herons, terns, seagulls, ducks and marsh harriers . But the truly surprising thing is the silence of this stretch of coast. Forget crowded beaches, people come here to experience the sea in a different way, that is, above all to “breathe” it.

There stroll to reach the beach of Porto Caleri it leads through a naturalistic universe, composed of salt marshes and canals, dunes and pine forest, where there are also some picnic areas. Even in August it is difficult to find this beach crowded, loved by those seeking peace and have few demands in terms of services: there are neither sunbeds nor umbrellas, nor kiosks or chiringuiti, but only dunes shaped by the wind, a few shrubs and trunks carried by the tides and rivers.

Rosolina Italy a view of the Coastal Botanical Garden of Porto Caleri
Rosolina (Ro), Italy, a view of the Coastal Botanical Garden of Porto Caleribonottomario

This area of ​​the Po Delta is also famous for the cultivation of clams and Tarbouriech, thepink oyster, raised on rope. These specialties can be tried in the evening in some restaurants in the area. A name? Osteria Arcadia in Porto Tolle; if you prefer meat to fish, Trattoria al Pontein Lusia.

Source: Vanity Fair

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