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Portugal offers unlimited regional train travel for less than R$300

Portugal offers unlimited regional train travel for less than R0

Visit Portugal by train has now become easier: since the beginning of August it has been possible to travel the country unlimitedly for just €49 (around R$260). The price refers to the National Rail Pass from the company Comboios de Portugal (CP), which makes the pass available to residents and travelers.

O new transport ticket is valid exclusively on regional trains of the company throughout the country and the single price is valid for one month for any distance of regional services on any route.

The pass, however, does not apply to other train types in Portugal, such as Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, InterRegional, Internacional services and urban trains in Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra.

Consult the official map with the company’s services.

How to get the pass

The National Rail Pass is loaded onto a company card, the CP card, which can be requested at the company’s ticket offices. To obtain the card you must present:

  • Identification document, such as Portuguese ID cards or passport (if you are a foreigner);
  • Current and original color photography;
  • Fill in the “CP Card Request Template” – the cost of the card is €6 (around R$32).

With the card in hand, the pass can be purchased at the company’s ticket offices from the 21st of the previous month until the 20th of the month intended for travel.

Comboios de Portugal confirmed to the portal CNN Travel & Gastronomy that the pass can be requested by anyone, as long as they carry an identification document. The user must take into account that the average delivery time for the pass is 10 days, as not all ticket offices are able to do so on time.

Tourist ticket

Even though the new National Rail Pass does not cover travel on urban trains in Lisbon and Porto, for example, it is worth remembering that there is the Tourist Ticket for trains in these cities, which allows unlimited travel for one or three days for a single amount.

The tourist ticket for Lisbon trains allows the passenger to travel unlimitedly for 24 or 72 consecutive hours on the Sintra/Azambuja, Cascais and Sado lines for just €6 and €13.50 respectively (around R$32 and R$ 72).

In Porto, it is possible to travel unlimitedly for 24 or 72 consecutive hours on the Porto Urban Trains on the Aveiro, Braga, Guimarães and Marco lines with prices of €7 (R$37 for one day) and €15 (R$80 for three days).

The famous Algarve region is also not left out: unlimited trips for two or three consecutive days on the Linha do Algarve Regional train lines cost €20.90 (R# 111 for two days) and €31.90 (R$ 170 for three days) for adults.

Source: CNN Brasil