Possible partnership between Haddad and Pérsio Arida in the economy brings relief to the market

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One word sums up the spirit of this final stretch of the week: relief.

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Brazil had a good time for the opening of the World Cup, and, in the economy, the possible double of Fernando Haddad and Pérsio Arida in the Ministry of Economy animated the markets, with the Stock Exchange rising almost 3% and the dollar falling, at R$ 5 ,31.

According to an investigation by CNN Money’s anchor, Priscila Yazbek, the wide front reduces the PT’s chance of staying with Finance and Planning. If Haddad is in fact appointed to command the first folder, Pérsio Arida would be the nominee of the vice-president-elect, Geraldo Alckmin (PSB), for Planning.

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The question that remains is whether Arida, who was once president of the Central Bank and is one of the fathers of the Real Plan, would accept a chair below Haddad’s.

For now, nothing is defined, but, for the first time in some time, this was the first sign that the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) can carry out economic management more at the center, with Arida raising the flag of responsibility Supervisor.

Some doubts can also be dispelled this Friday (25). Alckmin, Gleisi Hoffman, Wellington Dias and Jaques Wagner travel to São Paulo and can define some details of the PEC of the “Extroro com Lula”.

Also this Friday, Haddad was scheduled to participate in the traditional Febraban lunch, reinforcing that he is a strong name for the Farm.

There is yet another point worth mentioning: Arthur Lira (Progressives) got support from União Brasil to be re-elected to the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies, and this makes it difficult for another viable candidate to emerge.

The reading is that Lira will now need the PT less to remain in office, which may reduce the cost of the PEC.

In this Friday’s episode, CNN Money will talk about the new episodes of the transition of governments in the economy, and, looking abroad, about the perspectives for the European winter, with the European Union surpassing the natural gas reserve target in the midst of war in Ukraine.

Presented by Thais Herédia and Priscila Yazbek, CNN Money presents an overview of news topics that influence markets, finances and the direction of society and power dynamics in Brazil and the world.

*Posted by Tamara Nassif

Source: CNN Brasil

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