Post-holiday detox diet: Benedetta Parodi’s slimming technique

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The Monday of the restart after the Christmas holidays, Benedetta Parodi he announced to his followers with an Instagram story: “My diet week has begun”. The reason is obvious. Like all of us, the TV presenter and food blogger has also decided to enjoy the lavish meals of Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and the Epiphany in serenity. Except then, and here too it is easy to find yourself, feeling the need to dispose of a few pounds in excess and resume more frugal eating habits.

The slimming strategy of Benedetta Parodi commented by the nutritionist

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Also in Monday’s story, Benedetta Parodi revealed her slimming technique: 2 days a week dedicated to strict dietwhile in the remaining days the TV face made it known that he would follow a very light diet, dedicating himself to training sessions to reactivate the metabolism and burn calories. In the days to come Benedetta Parodi she shared some photos of her meals: raw vegetable salad for lunch, breakfast with wasa crackers, white yoghurt and jam, light aubergine parmesan, therefore without frying and with measured condiments. We asked for a comment on Benedetta Parodi’s slimming strategy a Valentina Palazzo, biologist nutritionist of Lab Quarantadue Milan. «I start by saying that Christmas and New Year’s excesses lead to gaining excess weight, but it is also true that gradually resuming a correct diet we tend to get back in shape within a few weeks, all without the need to fast. If you want to do a detox diet like that of Benedetta Parodi it is important to start from purifying yourself drinking 2 liters of water and infusions every day. You will stimulate diuresis, helping the body to expel toxins».

But can being on a strict diet 2 days a week be a good choice?
«The important thing is never to skip meals altogether, because you risk only increasing the sense of hunger and slowing down the metabolism. Rather, for a couple of weeks avoid consuming refined sugars, alcohol, cheese, red meat and sausages, preferring dishes based on oily fish, legumes, seasonal fruit and vegetables, eggs and avocados. An excellent idea to copy from Benedetta Parodi that of large salads, with a high satiating power and limited calorie content. Caution: when training, especially if intensely, never without a portion of whole grainsfor example spelled and brown rice, rich in fiber and therefore friendly to intestinal transit, but above all able to give energy. 80% dark chocolate is allowed in small quantities, for all those times when you crave sweets. To get back in shape, don’t forget an active lifestyle: walk every day for at least 30 minutes at a brisk pace or take a class you like at the gym.”
Goal remise en forme assured, and without waiting who knows how long.

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