Postponing Carnival was ‘common sense agreement’, says Health coordinator

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The samba school parades in the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo were postponed due to the advance of Ômicron, and will only take place on the Tiradentes holiday, April 21.

in an interview with CNN, Luiz Arthur Caldeira, coordinator of Health Surveillance in São Paulo, said that there is no possibility of increasing restrictions or suspending activities in the capital. “What happened [em relação ao Carnaval] It was a common sense agreement.”

“The Carnival event is a party, both the league and the management think the moment is one of care and precaution, more important than the party”, he comments.

Arthur Caldeira explained that the analysis of the epidemiological scenario in the city is carried out daily. The decision to postpone Carnival came together because health experts observed an accelerated increase in Covid-19 cases.

“We observed that in the last week of December, the number of cases doubled. Five thousand in the first week of December, in the second, 10 thousand cases, and in the first week of January, 40 thousand cases”, he comments.

However, he understands that there is no need to tighten restrictions. “Those restrictive measures that were taken at the beginning of the pandemic were very important because there was no perspective of vaccination. Today the scenario is more second”, he explains.

The surveillance coordinator says capital did not discontinue protective measures — which helped to control the current moment. “The capital of São Paulo has never recommended the removal of the mask, just as it has demanded a passport for the vaccine”, he points out.

When asked about the street Carnival, Arthur Caldeira said that the event remains cancelled.

“The main reason is the difficulty of having sanitary control. The number of people is incomparable with the sambadrome, it reaches 18 million people on the streets”. says.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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