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Poultry farmer – earn money 2.1.0

Poultry farmer – in the game you can earn without investments. All you need is a phone with internet. If you were looking for games with the withdrawal of real money without investments, then congratulations, you have found it.

We don’t have any investment, you can’t invest. Therefore, we can safely say that we are not a pyramid.

Winning money with us is easy. You can raise money within a week. Receiving money is instant.

Rather download, play and earn real money.

Breeding various types of poultry in order to obtain coins to further increase the number of birds and earn money.

You need to breed birds and watch them, buy food and feed them, collect eggs and sell them to earn easy money.

And for coins you can buy food or additional birds or get money.

Pet birds can also be obtained as a gift by breaking an egg with a mini-game.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune every day – get various gifts and free money.

Our game is a direct proof that money is easy to earn and can be done online.

With us you can win more than a tap of rubles and a tap of money.

The game is completely free.

All you need is a phone with internet access.

Working out is very easy.

Source: Trash Box

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