PPC e-bike Festival: In Thessaloniki the next stop of the big festival dedicated to electric bicycles

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The city of Thessaloniki is the next stop of the PPC e-bike Festival, the first major festival dedicated to electric bicycles in Greece.

The PPC initiative, which takes place in the framework of the energy transition strategy and sustainable development actions, will be hosted by Aristotelous Square on the weekend of May 21-22, 2022, from 11:00 to 20:00.

The PPC E-Bike Festival presents the ever-growing global trend of using electric bicycles, the most sustainable, urban transportation, entertainment and exercise. For the first time in Greece, most modern models are collected from companies of international prestige, including Greek ones.

The specially designed track will be ready for free testing on electric-assisted bike models that cover every need for different uses. The visitors of the pioneering event, as in any city – station, will also have the opportunity to take part in a pedal skill game and to win souvenirs from PPC. The team of PPC e-bike Festival will offer parallel lessons of safe riding and conventional bicycle technique to children.

As part of the festival, visitors will also have the opportunity to seek solutions for energy, in order to ensure reduction and control of their consumption, but also ways to reduce the energy footprint of their household or business.

The PPC team will introduce to the public the new PPC myEnergy platform a new world with tips for better management of consumption at home, the digital energy saving consultant PPC myEnergy Coach and will answer any questions about the company’s green products and services such as GreenPass which guarantees that as much energy as you consume is produced by RES, MyHomeOnline, e self-metering, the new integrated solution of sustainable energy in heating myEnergyHeatpump etc.

Source: Capital

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