Pregnancy test? ATM? 7 unusual devices that ran DOOM

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Enthusiasts from the computer world have a challenge to run Doom games on everything. It seems that the display is enough to run the brainchild of John Carmack. Therefore, in addition to a variety of computers and consoles, very unexpected things often fall into the list. They were collected in this top.

Potato Powered Calculator

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The fashion to launch Doom on everything is not new. Back in 2011, the game was launched on the classic TI-Nspire calculator. It is quite complex and has a black and white display, which is usually used for plotting. A year later, other developers ported Doom to a more modern version of the TI-Nspire with a color screen. The result is a decent and workable mobile port that can be run on any TI-Nspire model. Management is convenient, with numeric keys or a touch cross, if there is one on a particular calculator.

Much later, an enthusiast from the USA diversified this case by replacing the battery in the calculator with ordinary fresh potatoes. As you know, a small low voltage current can be obtained from the tuber. Therefore, the only question is the number of potatoes and the scheme for their connection. For example, to obtain 4.5 V with a current of up to 90 mA, it took 750 potatoes or their parts. And this is enough to replace the standard battery. Unfortunately, vegetables spoil quickly and performance drops, so this food source is short-lived. Check out Doom in monochrome. Could you pass it like this?

Pregnancy test

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Let’s move on to devices that are completely atypical for running games. The most impressive of these is Equate’s pregnancy test. As it turned out, inside it is an eight-bit Holtek HT48C06 microcontroller and RAM, as well as a paper strip and a coin cell battery. According to Foone, the author of the port, this stuffing is faster in basic mathematical calculations and I / O operations than the IBM PC. However, there was some cheating to launch Doom here. Firstly, I had to replace the screen with a similar one with a resolution of 128×32 pixels, since the standard one showed only four images with test results. Secondly, the complete microcontroller did not succumb to reprogramming and was also replaced. The power supply is external, and the control is from a wireless keyboard.

Camera from the nineties

Video blogger LazyGameReviews conducted an experiment with a 1998 Kodak Digital Science DC260 ZOOM. This model has its own open operating system and built-in photo editor, which are based on a PowerPC 66 MHz processor with 8 MB of RAM. The screen is color, there is sound, control through the D-Pad.

Canon Proxima Printer

Almost every printer has a screen and some kind of “brains”, which means that enthusiasts have something to work on. For example, Doom on Canon managed to run through a security hole in the update system. Control from an external keyboard, which is a pity, because the printer has a sufficient number of keys.

Apple Watch and Apple MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Without Apple in our time anywhere. There is no technical problem to run Doom on a modern watch with productive hardware and a color screen. The highlight of this case is that the game was ported as part of a 10-hour hackathon that took place in 2015. Management turned out to be specific. To perform actions, you have to tap on different parts of the screen.

About a year later, the same thing happened to the touchbar of the then-new MacBook Pro. The game is completely unplayable at 2170×60 despite normal keyboard controls. However, a new peak in the distribution of Doom has been reached, and this is the main thing.

Standard ATM

Back in 2014, a video appeared on YouTube on how to launch and play Doom on the most ordinary ATM. Enthusiasts from Australia brought the picture to the screen, and assigned control to the side buttons and the connected trackpad. In fact, any old ATM is an ordinary x86-compatible computer, often based on Windows XP. However, running a game on it and comparing controls is still a task, and an unusual sight.

Source: Trash Box

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