Premia Properties: The fastest growing company in the real estate industry

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It is the fastest growing company in the real estate sector and sets new standards drawing on best practices from the know-how of its shareholders operating abroad.

Premia Properties with a leading team of specialized executives, clear investment strategy, high quality real estate portfolio and sound financial structure develops sustainably and creates added value by investing in real estate related to key sectors of the Greek economy.

Continuing its dynamic course, Premia in the first nine months of 2021 significantly strengthened its portfolio of real estate in the field of supply chain (logistics) and commercial real estate type big-box, while expanding its activity in the field of serviced apartments.

In fact, during this period he added a total of 9 new properties, while proceeding with a strategic entry in the sectors of serviced apartments and health.

The total value of the Group’s investments increased by 63%, reaching 173.1 million euros on 30.9.2021, while a significant increase was recorded in the net position of the Group which amounted to 114.6 million as well as its cash and cash equivalents. which amounted to 43.8 million euros following the recent increase in its share capital.

Premia also recorded an increase in revenue, improvement of operating profitability and profitability before taxes on a consolidated basis in relation to the corresponding period 2020, as a result of the addition of new investments as well as the subsidiary JPA AEES.

Strong foundations

With assets in excess of € 230 million, Premia Properties has a sound financial structure. It draws on experience and know-how through its international major shareholder Sterner Stenhus, and has a well-diversified portfolio of 27 properties in Greece with a total gross value of € 173 million, including socially-owned properties (schools) managed through a PPP (Partnerships). Public – Private Sector). Also noteworthy is the successful, third in a row, AMK that attracted a large number of investors and was covered by 1.36 times. In fact, through the last AMK, FASTIGHETS AB BALDER entered the share capital of Premia as a strategic partner, acquiring a percentage of 17.22%, which has a presence in 6 countries and belongs to the Swedish tycoon Erik Selin, who is one of the 750 richest people in the world, according to with Forbes, and is considered a global industry authority with a successful track record of nearly 30 years in the Real Estate industry.

Strong growth dynamics

With rapid growth in recent years, Premia has managed to increase the size of its portfolio from 7 properties worth 65.9 million euros about a year ago to 27 today, exceeding 181 million euros, including social real estate ( schools), an area in which the company is considered a pioneer. At a time marked by market volatility and unpredictable external factors such as the pandemic, Premia Properties has strategically focused on key economic sectors such as logistics, big boxes and social real estate that make growth less vulnerable. in external disorders.

At the same time, it has successfully completed three share capital increases in just 1.5 years and has expanded its financial figures as well as its portfolio to an impressive number.

The driving force is the management team and its people

Aiming at continuous development, the implementation of the targeted strategy, but also the substantial progress, Premia Properties has invested in an experienced management team, with a long professional course and specialization. The management team of Premia Properties, has a clear orientation, with great skills in entrepreneurship, development, rapid and strong project upgrades.

At the same time, the timeless driving force of the company, its people who hold a high level of know-how, excellent knowledge of the industry and a unique sense of teamwork.

Responsibility and Sustainability

The company has already placed great emphasis on strengthening the quality characteristics of its portfolio and is committed to transparency, sustainable development and socially responsible operation. It invests consistently in Greece, contributing directly and indirectly to the development of the economy and the strengthening of employment. Specifically, it seeks the adoption of Sustainable Development principles through its harmonization in the practices of the international and Greek ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) – Environmental, Social and Governance indicators. Recently, this policy was rewarded with the inclusion of the Company in the Greek Code of Sustainability and in the ESG Index of the Athens Stock Exchange.


Participation and Enhancement of “together”

By adopting a participatory culture, Premia Properties encourages the inclusion of the entire public in its share capital. At the same time, the operation of the company is in line with the strong willingness to offer and create value for stakeholders and society. Finally, it aims to create a strong name in the real estate industry with guarantees of success the trust and participation of shareholders / the public.

Ambitious prospects for the future

The aim of the company is to strengthen the portfolio of real estate in the sectors that already have a presence, such as logistics, commercial real estate (big-boxes) buildings of social character, serviced apartments as well as to selectively consider its entry into other sectors of real estate.

At the same time, in view of the strengthening of PREMIA’s strategic position in the real estate market, the Board of Directors of the Company decided to submit an application for its licensing as a Real Estate Investment Societe Anonyme (AEEAP). The receipt of the relevant license is subject to the approval of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission. This strategic move serves the strategic planning of the Company, which aims at its more effective activity in the real estate market, utilizing the tax advantages offered by the framework of AEEAP.


Source From: Capital

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