Premiere of the meeting of the new SYRIZA: Climate of extroversion – What did Umbrella ask for Ev. Tsakaloto

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By Niki Zorba

The premiere of the meeting of the new SYRIZA Political Secretariat under Tsipras took place in a good atmosphere, where Alexis Tsipras gave his political position (elections in September), putting the party on a path of rapid (due to political developments) reconstruction and opposition.

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At the first meeting of the Political Secretariat, the president of the party also announced the composition of the executive secretariat (formerly “Political Center”) of the informal “director” of the party.

In the executive secretariat participate ex officio under the chairmanthe two secretaries (R. Svigkou and G. Vassiliadis’ deputy), the spokesperson (Nassos Iliopoulos) and the secretary of the parliamentary group (Olga Gerovasili).

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Beyond that, A. Tsipras, based on the statute (provides for three more members from the General Assembly), proposed for his close team: Efi Ahtsioglou, Rena Dourou and Mariliza Xenogiannakopoulou, taking into account their proven popularity. to the intra-party audience.

Outside the Political Secretariat, the Umbrella

In their interventions, Nikos Filis, Panos Lambrou and Efi Kalamaras asked Alexis Tsipras to include Euclid Tsakalotos in the executive secretariat while also a member of the Umbrella, the Anneta Kavadia“officially” recorded the proposal on behalf of Tasi, requesting that the request for the participation of Euclid Tsakalotos in the said Body be recorded.

Alexis Tsipras, according to information, allegedly explained what the new statute provides for the executive secretariat, ie in addition to the ex officio participants, up to three more members can be added by decision of the president (s.s. opera and done).

However, given that Euclid Tsakalotos is SYRIZA Parliamentary Representative (and this is not expected to change)will in any case be invited periodically to take part in the meetings under the chairman (as well as the competent ones – each time, depending on the subject – heads.

According to converging information, moreover, the atmosphere at the first meeting of the Political Secretariat was extremely good, there was a political discussion with positions on all political issues and completely extroverted.

In support of this, the person present at the meeting said jokingly that he was the climate was so mild that “Polakis came to agree with Skourletis” …

Earlier,, in a relevant report, broadcast:

Alexis Tsipras “lit” the election alarm at the first meeting of the Political Secretariat under its new composition (as formed by the Central Committee on Sunday), which met earlier, at noon.

At the same time, the president of SYRIZA announced the new “director” of the party, the “coffee” team of his close associates, which until the elections of May 15 functioned as an informal body, which according to the new statute that has been voted has now specific structure:

The two secretaries (R. Svigkou and G. Vassiliadis’ deputy), the spokesperson (Nassos Iliopoulos) and the secretary of the parliamentary group (Olga Gerovasili) participate in this, ex officio, under the party president.

Beyond that, A. Tsipras, based on the statute (provides for three more members from the General Assembly), proposed for his close team: Efi Ahtsioglou, Rena Dourou and Mariliza Xenogiannakopoulou, taking into account their proven popularity. in the internal party audience, as in addition to the first Ahtsioglou, in the top five of the new Central Committee were elected by the members of SYRIZA and Douros – Xenogiannakopoulou).

According to information from party sources, the “coffee” group (officially the “executive secretariat”) will be expanded further depending on the requirements of each meeting (parliamentary representatives, heads of departments, etc.).

Beyond that, based on the same sources, during his presentation, Alexis Tsipras spoke about “a new situation and new tasks”, expressing the belief that there are ante portas political developments and specifically, elections in September, emphasizing:

“Mr. Mitsotakis’s decision, no matter how much he tries to persuade that he will end his term, is to go to the polls in the fall, even in early September, to prevent the absolute collapse from being precise. And for this reason Mr. Mitsotakis, in order to change the agenda from the sweeping precision that makes the life of the citizens lifeless, invests in artificial intensity and false populist dilemmas. “.

In the same context, Mr. Tsipras spoke about the urgent need for reconstruction and grounding of SYRIZA with extroverted action and an end to introversion.

“I asked for the new Political Secretariat to meet immediately because the developments are going on and we do not have time. We must immediately reshuffle the party and start charging duties to both the General Assembly and the Central Committee. We must immediately put forward the organizational reorganization of the party. “And, of course, to intensify policy-making with an outward-looking, societal and not inward-looking approach, not an introspection,” is his – according to party sources – characteristic reference.

Among other things, Alexis Tsipras said about:


* The signs of recovery of SYRIZA PS are obvious, we have made important steps both organizationally and programmatically. We will win the election, but we need work and a plan for the next day.

* The victory of SYRIZA PS is necessary because we have entered a lasting social crisis due to decisions and policies of the Mitsotakis government, the absurdity of EU decisions, the war in Ukraine which turns into a total crisis in Europe through the risk of stagnant inflation. This combination together with the policies of constant sharpening of inequalities and the criminal choices in energy by Mr. Mitsotakis intensify the social crisis in our country.

* The Political Secretariat will meet on a regular basis once a month, except of course for extraordinary meetings depending on developments. Our new Secretary, Rania Svigkou, will soon have individual collaborations with all the members of the General Assembly, in order for everyone to take on responsibilities and duties. Our goal should be to give charges to all members of the Central Committee.


* We are experiencing an unprecedented social crisis that will soon bring political developments. Mr. Mitsotakis’s government is in constant social controversy but also with unprecedented media support.

* Businesses are facing triple pressure from unrealistic electricity bills (negative records across Europe), a dramatic drop in turnover due to shrinking employee purchasing power (18% according to GSEE research), and new debt accumulation added to the existing pandemic.

* At the same time, low-income households are completely unable to cope even with basic needs, since the family income no longer reaches even until the third week of the month. But also the middle class, the so-called middle classes for which Mr. Mitsotakis was allegedly cut before the elections, is in a state of suffocating pressure.

In the midst of these impasses, be sure that one is the way to our victory from the first ballot box of the simple analog, whenever Mr. Mitsotakis holds elections: To give realistic hope to the citizens, to all those who see life their daily life to become more difficult every day with the government of the neoliberal Right.
But we must know that the financial situation will deteriorate in the near future. We have not seen the worst, neither we nor the citizens. The policy of the Mitsotakis government is an accelerator of the crisis.


1. First of all, our immediate priority is organizational reconstruction. That is, how the 110,000 new members who came to our polls will join our lines, how we will have a permanent and reciprocal relationship and contact with them, how we will become the multipliers of our message in society and their spaces. And for this reason one of our bets must be the digitization of organizational work.

2. The second priority is the compilation of strong and competitive ballots.
We must have announced the main body of our ballots by the end of July.

3. And third, the promotion of our government program for the measures of immediate implementation and implementation by a progressive government after the national elections, based on our 5 + 1 program commitments.

At the TIF, in early September, we must announce a structured, realistic and radical government program, so that every citizen can understand what the victory of SYRIZA PS and the progressive government will mean in their lives and in their daily lives.

Along with these immediate priorities, we must strengthen the work being done in three key areas: the youth, the trade union movement and the local government, where we must prompt candidates and combinations.

For each of the above issues, I suggest that a separate meeting of our Political Secretariat be held in the near future. And at the same time, to organize two big events of our youth at the end of August both in Athens and in Thessaloniki.

Source: Capital

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