Premium electric wins: Porsche sells more Taycan than Panamera

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Representatives of the Porsche company have officially published the report for the first three quarters of 2021, which, as it turned out, the company has overcome quite well. While potential competitors are suffering from a shortage of chips, Porsche has sold 217 thousand cars (13% more than in the same period a year earlier). The largest growth in brand sales was seen in the United States, where the company managed to sell 51 thousand vehicles, increasing sales by 30%. Moreover, JD Power stated that the manufacturer remains the most attractive premium brand in North America, so such high sales are quite natural.

However, despite the impressive growth in the United States, China is still in the lead in terms of the total number of Porsche cars sold – almost 70 thousand vehicles were sold there in the three quarters of this year (an increase of 11% over the previous year). But in Europe, the company showed almost no growth – in comparison with 2020, Porsche sold 2% more cars (56 thousand copies), almost half of which were sold in Germany. However, the manufacturer still has something to surprise the car market with, in addition to positive growth on all fronts.

The fact is that the Taycan electric car turned out to be the most popular passenger model of the premium brand on the global market – it managed to easily bypass even the Panamera and Porsche 911, having pleased the manufacturer with 28 thousand cars sold. Panamera sales are 8 thousand lower, so the difference is quite noticeable – apparently, luxury electric cars really liked the audience, which explains the brand’s desire to develop in this direction. The best-selling vehicle of the company is still the Cayenne crossover – its circulation is twice that of the Taycan (62 thousand cars).

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