Prepare everything to see ‘Vincenzo’, the K-drama that we all look forward to

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Netflix not only has romantic, comic or horror movies, suddenly and quite pleasantly, little by little a lot of K-dramas that are worth watching have been added to its catalog.

One of the most recent is VincenzThe, that arrived on the platform on February 20 causing great fury, because each of its episodes is full of action and criminal themes that you undoubtedly need.

A plot that deserves to be seen

K-drama poster 'Vincenzo'

The series directed by Kim Hee-won tells the story of Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki), a Korean-Italian lawyer who is related to the mafia and who after a long time living in Italy, decides to return to South Korea, his country of origin. The reason for his return is to recover something that belongs to him, but what he does not know is that once there, not only will he face imminent danger from the enemy cartel gangsters, but he will also be involved in a love affair that you will make final decisions in your life.

Not to be missed

If you love K-dramas, it goes without saying that you have to add it to your favorites list, but if you still have not decided on this genre of series, you should know that Vincenzo it has everything an entertaining afternoon needs.

The chapters are really funny and the plot is not predictable, something that is really appreciated. Also, the versatility of the actors is great. Although it has the spark of romance, this one is not in the foreground as in many other series. So set aside your weekends, as new episodes are released on Saturday and Sunday.

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