Presented Russian drone Hi-Fly S700: will deliver both people and cargo

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Today, July 6, at the Innoprom-2022 event, the main industrial exhibition in Russia, which takes place from July 4 to 7 in Yekaterinburg, employees of the Biryuch innovation center (part of the EFKO group of companies) presented a unique transport means – we are talking about an unmanned aerial vehicle developed in Russia called the Hi-Fly S700. This was reported by the information publication 3DNews. The uniqueness of the latest UAV is not only that it does not require a human pilot in the cockpit, but also the ability to use the aircraft within the city limits. It should be noted that Western developments most often cannot be used directly in the city due to the noise level.

The authors of the project stated that their development should in the future make it possible to realize the idea of ​​living in nature with clean air, about 40-60 kilometers from a big city or agglomeration, with the ability to quickly and safely reach various points of interest – the cultural, business or entertainment infrastructure of the metropolis . This project in the United States has several potential competitors, but it is worth clarifying that they all involve direct control of the vehicle by the pilot, while specialists from Russia rely on unmanned flights. This will likely make the vehicle easier to access.

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Russian engineers also said that at the current stage the project includes two areas of development at once – the so-called Hi-Fly Taxi air taxi, which is being created for fast and environmentally friendly movement within the city and abroad of megacities, as well as a cargo UAV Hi- Fly Cargo. The cargo version will be used for the prompt delivery of goods to hard-to-reach locations, where it is either difficult or very long to deliver something by conventional means (due to weather conditions, road surface or distance). Unfortunately, at the exhibition, the developers did not go into the technical details of these aircraft, so there is no information about the speed, flight range and payload.

But at the event, they spoke in detail about the Hi-Fly S700 cargo evacuation UAV – it is equipped with an electric power plant with rotors, the maximum speed reaches 100 km / h, but so far the built-in battery is enough for 20-25 minutes of flight with a range of about 20 kilometers. It is intended for the delivery of goods and medicines, plus for emergency evacuation of people from the area of ​​natural disasters or hard-to-reach locations.

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