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President Macron defends “Myths” poet Jean de Lafontaine – did not condemn him for misogyny

The President of France Emanuel Macron advocated today (17/6) in favor of the 17th century poet Jean de Lafontaine, who has been criticized by some feminists for his writings.

“Anachronism never helps”, Macron said, in front of Lafontaine’s paternal home (1621-1695) in Chateau-Thierry, where he refused to condemn the author of the famous “Myths” for his misogyny or sexism, notes the APE-MPE.

“I think we have the ability to judge, in a way, in the spirit of the time a story that has obviously followed its own course.” the French president replied when asked about the poet’s controversial works. “This means that our benchmarks are changing and, fortunately, we are making progress,” he said, referring to Diderot and Voltaire.

“Should we not read it anymore? I think it would be horrible, in the same way that they do “(Lafontaine contemporaries) no longer followed the practice of the Romans, with slaves, but continued to read them and honor them as teachers, having progressed,” he underlined.

“What is interesting is that we have to clear our minds and understand how this progress was born because they also followed the spirit of the time and the stupidity of the time,” Macron continued.

Macron was accompanied by actor Fabrice Lucini, who is a friend of the presidential couple. Lucini recited many of Lafontaine’s lyrics in front of the cameras, such as “The Bear and the Amateur Gardener.” “Nothing is as dangerous as an ignorant friend,” he recalled repeating the moral lesson of the myth. And this saying “applies to the advisers of the President of the Republic”, he estimated.

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