President of Eletrobras will accumulate the company’s regulatory board

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Eletrobras announced that the company’s president, Rodrigo Limp, will accumulate the role of director of regulation and institutional relations for the company. The report was made by a notice to the market, after a decision by the Board of Directors.

Limp was one of nine members of the Board of Directors to resign on the 18th, after the company’s capitalization process was concluded.

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On the occasion, the councilors issued a letter, in which they qualified the moment as “historic and successful”.

The collective resignation was justified in a fourth, in which the resigners said they understood that the measure was a “good practice”, which would allow the new corporate composition of the company to format a new collegiate. Despite leaving the agency, Limp continued to preside over the company.

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The regulatory board was created by the company on June 9, after the company’s capitalization process began.

scheduled meeting

Eletrobras convened the extraordinary general meeting for August 5th. The meeting will elect 10 of the 11 members of the new Board of Directors.

The other component will be defined directly by the employees, as determined by the company’s bylaws.

Also on the event’s agenda is the discussion on the shareholders’ proposal, so that the term of office of the board members is valid until the extraordinary general meeting scheduled for 2025.

The August meeting will be held in digital format, to facilitate shareholder participation.

The company issued on Tuesday (5) a statement of material fact, in which it ends the public offering for the primary distribution of more than 732 million common shares of the company and more than 69 million secondary shares, held by BNDES Participações (BNDES Par).

As the public offering was priced at R$ 42 per share, the amount offered was R$ 33.7 billion, the total amount transacted in the transaction of more than 800 million shares.

Source: CNN Brasil

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