Presidential elections in Peru: The winner is Pedro Castillo

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Peru’s radical left-wing candidate for the presidency of the Andean country, Pedro Castillo, has emerged as the winner of the second round of elections, which took place on June 6, the election authorities announced, about a month and a half after the vote, in which he confronted the candidate of the populist right, Keiko Fuchimori.

«I declare (next) the President of the Republic Jose Pedro Castillo Terones“, Said the president of the electoral court, Jorge Luis Salas, during a short ceremony, which was conducted digitally.

The Electoral Court, in charge of examining the candidates’ appeals, thus confirmed the result announced weeks ago by the National Electoral Procedure Body (ONPE), the Electoral Commission.

After counting 100% of the ballots, ONPE reported that Pedro Castillo, 51, received 50.12% of the vote, while Keiko Fujimori, 46, received 49.87%.

Based on the result ratified by the JNE, Mr. Castillo prevailed with only 44,263 votes over the daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000).

Just hours before the final result was announced, Ms. Fuchimori, who had hinted earlier this month that she would not recognize her opponent’s victory, turned 180 degrees during a press conference.

«Today, I announce that by fulfilling my commitments, my commitment to all Peruvians (…), to the international community, I will recognize the resultsAs what “I demand” is “the observance of the law and the Constitution that I swore to defend”.

«I call on Peruvians not to give up and work to defend democracy“In the event of Mr Castillo taking over and forming a government,” added Ms. Fuchimori, who has been under scrutiny for bribery during her 2011 and 2016 election campaigns – in which she lost both times. , in the second round. She has already served 16 months in pre-trial detention in this case and risks being sentenced to 30 years in prison if convicted of bribery by the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

The United States and EU observers have said that the Peruvian election process was free and transparent.

Mr Castillo, an educator and trade unionist, will take office on July 28, when the term of caretaker President Francisco Sagasti expires.

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