Pressure Diary 3.3.2

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pressure diary is an indispensable application that allows you to track blood pressure. The application also allows you to keep records of pulse measurements – it is an excellent method of treating and controlling hypertension or hypotension.


A cardio journal will allow you to regularly enter blood pressure measurements and tonometer readings, as well as heart rate and weight. All blood pressure data can be quickly and easily analyzed on graphs, to understand yourself and your body – to determine the factors that most affect systolic and diastolic pressure.

Application functionality:

  • Entering tonometer readings in one motion – systolic, diastolic blood pressure, pulse, weight and body temperature;
  • Record well-being – tracking your daily well-being and the dependence of blood pressure on your mood and conditions;
  • Track Trends – Each blood pressure record can be tagged so you can track your blood pressure trend and quickly understand what spikes in blood pressure are related to;
  • Detailed statistics – blood pressure control diary gives a complete and detailed overview of all records of pressure, pulse, etc. on 11 different graphs by different indicators, periods and tags;
  • Medication Monitoring System – A blood pressure log will show you how your blood pressure measurements are affected by your medications;
  • Notification system – quickly and conveniently customizable notifications and reminders. Now you will never forget to enter blood pressure readings into the diary;
  • Export of data from the pressure log to mail, to text files, to .XLS (excel) and to PDF;
  • Data backup to SD card.


A diary of pulse and blood pressure will become an indispensable tool for any person experiencing heart problems, suffering from high (hypertension) or low (hypotension) blood pressure, as well as experiencing periodic pressure surges. Just try to keep a blood pressure journal for at least 3-4 days and watch your changes.

By the way! The pressure log will be very useful for regular monitoring by a cardiologist or your doctor, and you just need to regularly enter tonometer readings and record pulse and blood pressure data, and before visiting a doctor, you can simply upload the necessary entries from the cardio log to an .XLS file or send data by email. Thus, the program for measuring blood pressure will provide the attending physician with a complete picture of health.


Remember that you must have a blood pressure monitor handy to measure blood pressure, this blood pressure app will allow you to record and record blood pressure and in no way is capable of measuring blood pressure and pulse on its own (like any other)

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Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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