Pressure is great in UPAs and health posts, says governor of Bahia about Covid

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The governor of Bahia, Rui Costa (PT), declared this Thursday (13), in an interview with CNN, that the pressure on the state’s hospital network, with the advancement of the Ômicron variant of the coronavirus, is directed towards the infirmary beds in the Emergency Care Units (UPA), in hospitals and health posts.

“This moment has a different characteristic from March last year, which was the worst month. At that time, the pressure under ICU beds was gigantic. At the moment, the pressure is much greater in emergency units, UPAs, hospitals and health posts. Because the contamination of Covid and the H3N2 flu coexist, which also have a high incidence at the moment”, explained Rui Costa.

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According to the governor, 90% of people who are currently in ICU beds have not been vaccinated. He blames the federal government, saying they have contributed to a “true sea of ​​fake news”, leading to the discouragement of immunization.

“We have 1.5 million people here in Bahia who took the first dose and did not come back for the second. And another 1 million people who haven’t shown up yet to take the booster. We are talking about 2.5 million people with overdue vaccinations. Not to mention those who didn’t take any doses.”

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Rui Costa stated that the federal government did not pay the R$ 80 million promised to recover the states of Bahia after the heavy rains that hit the state in December and January. According to him, there was only an initial contribution of about R$ 12 million.

“The loss calculated here is around R$ 1.5 billion, including the federal infrastructure, which recovery has not yet started. We had a first support from two Navy aircraft, a team of doctors from the Ministry [da Saúde], and a contribution of R$ 12 million to the municipalities’ first expenses. Until now, it was nothing more than that”, claimed Rui Costa.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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