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Preta Gil, Luana Piovani and more: artists support Iza after betrayal

After the singer Iza 33, announce the end of her relationship with the football player Yuri Lima 27, last Wednesday (10), several famous formed a female support network to the artist who revealed that she was betrayed by the athlete.

Names like Preta Gil, Luana Piovani, Jéssica Ellen and Samara Felippo lamented what happened, especially now that she is pregnant, expecting her first daughter Nala.

“My friend, my love, Iza, your pain is mine. I know a little about what you are going through. I have already written to you, but I want to support you publicly so that our story can help other people understand that we are not the problem,” Preta Gil began.

Gilberto Gil’s daughter then said that they are victims of “men without scruples, character and respect”. In 2023, she was the victim of betrayal by her ex-husband Rodrigo Godoy – this while she was still fighting cancer.

“I’m so, so sorry!” he added.

Preta Gil supports Iza after betrayal

On Instagram, the actress Samara Felippo recalled having gone through something similar. In April of this year, she shared that she had been cheated on by her ex-husband, the basketball player Leandro Barbosa .

“I know exactly what you’re feeling. I went through exactly the same thing with the “player”, but in this case, in another sport. All my love, support, and strength in this unique moment. There’s not ONE left!” he said.

Samara Felippo regrets Iza being a victim of betrayal

The actress and singer Jessica Ellen who ended the relationship with Dan Ferreira In April, he also came out in defense of the singer.

“Iza, I’m so sorry. Unfortunately, you are not the first, nor will you be the last woman to be betrayed in a moment of vulnerability. I pray to Oxum that you and your daughter are surrounded by blessings, love and protection in this precious and delicate moment. I love you,” she declared.

The comment even stirred up internet users, who suggested that the actor was also cheating. The two no longer follow each other on Instagram and have not spoken publicly about the matter.

On the morning of this Thursday (11), Luana Piovani said that he relived the trauma of abandonment caused by the end of his marriage after seeing Iza announce the separation.

“TEvery time I see a woman become a single mother, I rewatch my story and it’s very sad. My story is not similar to that of our wonderful sister. But, in this place, suddenly becoming a single mother is similar. You live the frustration of your failed fantasy”, said the actress. [parecidaVocêviveafrustraçãodasuafantasiafalida”afirmouaatriz

“No one gets married without wanting things to work out and without fantasizing about family life. We fantasize,” he added.

Singer Iza joins Time magazine’s list of new generation leaders

Source: CNN Brasil

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