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Preta Gil removes nasogastric tube and gives updates on health status

Preta Gil updated fans about her health status this Saturday afternoon (2) and declared that she had the nasogastric tube removed.

According to Preta’s statement, she is now able to eat, digest and will now be able to sleep more easily.

“I took the tube out, I’m super happy. Dr. Frederico said he’s super safe, everything’s going well. I’m already eating, I’m already digesting very well, so they took it out. One less tube so I can sleep”, explained the singer.

Preta also said that she received some distinguished visitors in the last few days. “I took the probe out, took a shower, applied concealer. I received a visit today, surprise. Yesterday was a surprise visit from Ivete and Cynthia [Sangalo, irmã de Ivete], today Angélica and Luciano. I was here ‘disapplauded’, but that’s okay, that’s life, ”she declared.

Gilberto Gil’s daughter needed to use the nasal device again last Thursday (31) after suffering an intestinal obstruction. Preta is hospitalized at Hospital Sírio Libanês, in São Paulo, after undergoing surgery to remove the tumor in her intestine, on August 16.

Source: CNN Brasil

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