Prevent Senior’s CPI decides to call four doctors as investigated

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Prevent Senior’s Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) decided on Thursday (4) to convene as investigated, on November 11, four doctors whose names were mentioned in other Commission hearings or in studies with drugs without proven efficacy for Covid-19 made by the health care provider.

Sérgio Antonio Dias da Silveira, Daniella Cabral de Freitas, Rodrigo Barbosa Esper and Rafael de Souza da Silva had been invited to provide clarifications, initially, as witnesses and were expected by the CPI on Thursday.

However, before the meeting, the CPI received a habeas corpus filed on behalf of the four physicians with the objective of “guaranteeing patients the rights inherent to the condition of being investigated”, “exempting them from signing a commitment to tell the truth, to remain silent or in silence, not self-incriminate and be assisted by a lawyer with free communication with their lawyer”.

The councilors were also informed, by e-mail, that the four doctors intended to be questioned virtually – the invitation had been for the presence of the guests.

In view of these facts, the members of the CPI decided to call the four doctors – now in the condition of being investigated – to provide clarifications in person at the next meeting of the Commission, on November 11th.

In addition, both the habeas corpus considerations and the request for a virtual hearing were criticized by councilors. “In our opinion, this habeas corpus was unnecessary. We are at the beginning of investigations. We do not invite them as investigated, because it is too early to say… The person being investigated today is Prevent Senior. That’s the reason for the CPI. The individual conduct of each Prevent Senior professional will be discussed here, with the right to contradict each other. What we are offering is the right to contradict each other”, highlighted the president of the CPI, councilor Antonio Donato (PT).


In addition to the requirements with the summons of the four Prevent doctors and the invitation to the physician Carla Morales Guerra, the CPI also approved on Thursday another two requests.

Authored by councilor Xexéu Tripoli, the document asks the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) to provide information on complaints against Prevent Senior in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. The other request, authored by councilor Antonio Donato, invites three doctors to provide clarifications on a date to be scheduled.

This Thursday’s meeting was conducted by the president of the CPI of Prevent Senior, councilor Antonio Donato (PT). The vice president of the Commission, councilor Celso Giannazi (PSOL), the rapporteur of the work, councilor Paulo Frange (PTB), and councilors Milton Ferreira (PODE) and Xexéu Tripoli (PSDB), members of the CPI, also participated.

CPI from Prevent Senior

Installed last October 10, Prevent Senior’s CPI seeks to analyze and investigate Prevent Senior’s performance in the city of São Paulo in order to face Covid-19, such as the possible underreporting of the number of cases of contamination and deaths by the health care provider.

One of the Commission’s suspicions is that, to reduce the amount of records, Prevent Senior would have acted so that patients with Covid-19 did not have the disease recorded in their medical records. In cases of death, the information would also not be included in the death certificates.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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