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PRF bitch who lost R$62 million to drug trafficking retires

Dutch shepherd “Fiona” retired after six years of service in the Federal Highway Police (PRF).

Since joining the corporation in 2018, the dog has caused losses of more than R$62 million to organized crime, standing out for its high performance in courses and scent operations.

In a post on social media, the PRF thanked Fiona for her exemplary work and highlighted her significant contributions to the fight against drug and weapons trafficking.

According to the PRF, Fiona participated in several successful operations, including the arrest of 15 drug traffickers in 2022.

Among his greatest achievements are the seizure of more than five tons of marijuana, 500 kilos of cocaine and 30 firearms.

During his career, he took five improvement and specialization courses, which helped to develop exceptional skills. The PRF also highlighted its legacy in collaborations with the police.

*Under supervision

Source: CNN Brasil

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