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PRF director apologizes to Genivaldo’s family for the first time, after death in “gas chamber”

The general director of the Federal Highway Police (PRF), Antônio Fernando Oliveira, made a formal apology to the family of Genivaldo de Jesus, this Wednesday (25). This is the first time that the institution has made a formal statement of apology for his death, which completes one year today.

“Everyone knows about the recent events that happened and do not match the PRF’s traditional history. But what happened was traumatic. I would like to take this opportunity to make an institutional speech which, I am not aware of whether it has already been made and which I think is necessary, which is a formal apology to the victim’s family. Our commitment is that the PRF is increasingly transparent in all our actions, ”he said.

The director spoke during the presentation of the studies for the implementation of “bodycams”, the cameras that must be installed in the uniforms of federal highway police officers. The ceremony was at the PRF headquarters and the director was applauded after the speech about Genivaldo.

The Secretary of Access to Justice of the Ministry of Justice, Marivaldo Pereira, also participated in the event and commented on the case. “I believe that [com as câmeras] Situations like Genivaldo’s could have been avoided. Without a doubt. That’s why this is a very symbolic policy. It is an extremely regrettable episode. The family’s pain is indescribable and we sympathize. With the cameras, it reduces denunciations and increases the feeling of security”, he declared.

Regarding compensation to the family, promised by the Ministry of Justice this year, the secretary explained that there is still no agreement and that negotiations are continuing. “We remain open to dialogue with the family. There are nine siblings, the mother, the widow and the son. There is still no progress. We continue to dialogue with them every week and await a common position from the family, in its own time. The defender’s office is also dialoguing with them”, he commented.

body cameras

The PRF released today a calendar for installing cameras on uniforms. The studies began this month and will run until October. Then there will be the field test phase, when police officers will use the equipment on the streets. And in April of next year the bidding is scheduled to begin.

According to the PRF, there is still no value to be spoken about, as they depend on studies and cameras that can be purchased. In São Paulo, for example, the first state to install, each one has an average of R$ 798.00 per month as rent for the complete package, from equipment to storage.

Genivaldo case

Genivaldo de Jesus died on May 25, 2022 and the case became known as “the improvised gas chamber”.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the victim died of suffocation after being placed in the prisoner compartment of the PRF vehicle, where the agents fired pepper spray and tear gas. People followed the scene and recorded the moment, which went viral on social media and generated outrage.

The first-degree judge decreed the preventive detention of the police officers “to guarantee public order, due to the seriousness of the fact and evidence of specific criminal reiteration”. This is because, according to the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), two of the three police officers involved in the case were indicted for a violent approach two days before Genivaldo’s death.

Source: CNN Brasil

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