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Prices on transport apps tripled in SP with bus strike

Passengers affected by the strike complained that, as happened 15 days ago, the rates of transport apps doubled and even tripled in price. The way out was to split the runs of the private service.

At the Bandeira Terminal, downtown, that’s what friends Natália Pereira, 24, and Carla Santos, 26, did, who decided to share transportation to Santo Amaro, in the south zone.

The value was R$ 49. Normally, they would use the bus.

Administrative assistant Maria de Fátima Santos, 32, wanted to leave the Limoeiro neighborhood and reach the Aricanduva region, both in the east side. After running simulations through the transportation apps, she almost gave up.

The route that normally costs R$ 20 would cost twice as much. Out of options, he decided to pay. “It’s a medical appointment that I can’t miss”, he justified.

In the south zone, telemarketing attendant Simone Pereira Lopes, 19, decided to call an app car from the Santo Amaro terminal. She paid R$30 in a ride that would normally go for R$18 to Chácara Santo Antônio.

In the north, the seller Wellington Henrique wanted to leave Imirim to the vicinity of Marginal Tietê. At the quotation, he was startled. “Gave 50 when normal would be 20.” The price peak occurred between 7 and 9 am.

Sought, companies claim that the value is dynamic and varies according to demand. The information is from the newspaper. The State of São Paulo.

Source: CNN Brasil

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