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Pride 2024, the calendar of events in Italy

He left Pride 2024 in Italy and around the world. With the month of June, the LGBTQ+ pride demonstrations begin in our country, from North to South, throughout Italy. Some have already been celebrated in May such as in Sanremo, Parma, Terni, Modena and Alessandria. «We have entered the month of Pride, therefore in the midst of a wave that this year crosses more than 50 Italian cities, from May to September», he comments Gabriele Piazzoni, general secretary of Arcigay. «But this year June is also the month of European elections and, for some cities, also administrative ones. This coincidence challenges us: we are mobilized to send a very strong signal through next weekend's vote: we exist and we fight. We launch a challenge to all the people in our community but also to those who support it: let's bring 8 people with us to vote on June 8th. Which means on the one hand convincing the doubtful or resigned, but on the other supporting those who are in difficulty in exercising their right. Let's make the strength and voice of free and self-determined people heard. I wish everyone an extraordinary Pride month.”

The month of Pride is June because the date that is remembered is June 28, 1969, Pride Day. Stonewall Riots. In fact, on the night between the 27th and 28th the protest broke out which saw the birth of the global gay liberation movement in the United States. How come? The New York police, as often happened (homosexuality was illegal in 49 American states), broke into the Stonewall Inn, a well-known gay venue in the city and a point of reference for the LGBTQ+ community. In Italy the first Pride was celebrated in Rome in 1994, thirty years ago and from year to year the number of cities, large and small, that have joined the demonstrations which usually bring together people of all ages has steadily increased. That night the officers arrested the people present in the club but many began to rebel against what was happening. Then the first blows and clashes until the morning when more than a thousand people had arrived around the place to protest. “The feeling that things were changing started that same night,” one of the demonstrators that night, Lanigan-Schmidt, told the Post.

This year there will be more than fifty cities involved in Italy.

Here are the events (currently being updated) of the 2024 Pride Wave in Italy


1st of June: Cuneo, Perugia, Enna, Taranto, Padua, Ferrara, Pavia, Savona

June 8th: Unione Terre di Castelli, Genoa, Syracuse

June 9th: Venice

June 15: Bergamo, Catania, Rome, Turin, Smarza

June 16: Verona

June 22nd: Lecco, Lodi, Palermo, Ancora, Cosenza, Frosinone, La Spezia, Varese, Vicenza, Siena

June 29th: Milan, Cagliari, Naples, Ragusa, Bari, Dolo


July 6: Asti, Bologna, Cremona, Lecce, Pescara, Favignana, Taranto, Tortona

July 13th: Isernia, Belluno

July 20: Messina, Caltagirone

July 27: Reggio Calabria, Martina Franca, Palagianello

July 28: Castellaneta, Manduria


August 4th: Rimini

August 31: Lignano Sabbiadoro

September October

September 7: Brescia

September 14: Greek's tower

October 12: Aosta

Source: Vanity Fair

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