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Pride Rome, the Lazio Region revokes patronage: the controversy over gestation for others (which does not exist in Italy)

Pride Rome amidst controversy. The annual parade that this year is scheduled for Saturday 10 June no longer has the patronage of the Lazio Region. That of the municipality remains with the mayor Gualtieri who will be at the demonstration in support of the rights of LGBTQIA+ people.

Why the no of the Lazio Region

The decision of the centre-right administration which had initially maintained its support for Rome Pride 2023, as done in the past by the centre-left juntas, is not an unexpected decision. The point of contention would be a sentence on gestation for others, a practice which is not legal in Italy and which a centre-right bill aims to make a universal crime.

The Junta reaffirmed its commitment to civil rights, but added that the institutional signature of the Lazio region «it cannot, nor will it ever be used to support demonstrations aimed at promoting illegal behaviour, with specific reference to the practice of the so-called surrogate uterus».

And he further explains that the revocation of the patronage of Pride Rome «has become necessary and inevitable following the affirmations, tones and intentions contained in the manifesto of the event entitled “Queer existence“. These statements violate the conditions explicitly required for the granting of sponsorship previously granted in good faith by the Lazio Region”.

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The first complaint was comes from Jacopo Coghe, spokesman for Pro Vita e Famiglia onlus: «While in Parliament the centre-right proposes to make surrogacy a universal crime, the president of Lazio grants patronage to Gay Pride which wants to legalize “surrogate motherhood”. We wonder if the center-right is not in the grip of a schizophrenia…».

The disputed sentence is that of the Roma Pride spokesman, Nicholas Colamarino, president of the circle of homosexual culture Mario Mieli: «We are satisfied that the Region has decided to continue to support our demonstration and our demands and we appreciate that it has decided to escape the trap of ideological prejudices. We appreciate the fact that the Region has escaped the trap of ideological prejudices, de facto distancing itself from those in Parliament who would like to make the birth of our sons and daughters a universal crime, pursuing gestation for others even if it takes place abroad”. .

The reaction

Colamarino also reacted to the revocation of patronage by speaking of the sloth of the Region: “The revocation is a shame, Pro vita ordina e la politica carries out”. He said that he will not remove the institutional logo from the communication of the event. «We want to reassure Rocca that, given that the Region belongs to citizens and citizens, therefore also ours and not a handful of Catholic Taliban, we will not remove the logo of the Lazio Region from our site. The governor can easily contact Pro Vita, who, given the similarities, will surely be able to recommend some Russian, Hungarian or Polish hackers to have him removed”.

The controversies

The mayor of Rome Robert Gualtieri confirmed the Municipality’s commitment: «Rome has confirmed its sponsorship of Pride, which is a very important event that gives a voice not only to the LGBT+ community and its request for rights and to combat discrimination, but also gives a voice to citizens who imagine a open city, in which there is no discrimination. Pride is a very important event in all capitals of the world. Rome has given its patronage and I confirm that I will be in the square on Saturday”. The former governor of Lazio Nicola Zingaretti will also be there.

The parent company of the Calenda Civic List in Rome, Flavia DeGregorio speaks of obscurantism: «A will that of the Region, which is not surprising but which leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Yet another sign of civil rights being attacked.”

On Twitter the position of thePro Vita and family association: «We welcome the withdrawal of the Lazio Region’s sponsorship of Gay Pride after the complaint by Pro Vita & Famiglia. In fact, supporting Pride means giving a hand to those who want to legalize surrogacy, egalitarian marriage, adoptions for same-sex couples, registry transcripts for the “children” of gay couples, but also legitimize gender identity , the self-id, gender projects in schools of all levels, and “the career aka in all educational institutions”.

Always on Twitter Matthew Salvini: «Do you support the surrogacy propaganda? No thank you”. Brothers of Italy are also in favor of the decision.

The newsletter of Corriere della Sera reports the location of Alexander Zan, head of rights of the Democratic Party: «Surrogacy, which should be called pregnancy for others, is prohibited in our country and there is no provision that wants to regulate it. Pride defends the rights of children from rainbow families. They are children who already exist and it is not possible for them to lose their fundamental rights”.

Source: Vanity Fair

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