Prince Andrew: The “silent fish” strategy and legal documents for sexual assault

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Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth’s second-born son, got into big trouble when Virginia Roberts Joufre complained that she had fallen victim to Jeffrey Epstein, and that he was forced to have sex three times with a member of the British royal family, at the home of his girlfriend, Gislein Maxwell in London, New York and at Epstein’s home in the Virgin Islands.

Finally the Prince Andrew confirmed that he has in his possession the legal documents relating to the case of sexual abuse, to the detriment of Gioufre.

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Maxwell is being held in a Brooklyn jail on charges related to the sexual exploitation of underage girls and perjury, pending trial on November 29, according to Reuters. Epstein died in his cell in New York in 2019.

Prince Andrew has admitted to obtaining the legal documents

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Virginia Roberts Joufre

Joufre’s lawyer, David Boyce, claimed that Prince Andrew had admitted to obtaining the legal documents through his lawyer, Andrew Bretler, in Los Angeles.

According to the Guardian and as broadcast by the Athens News Agency, Gioufre’s lawyers claimed that they sent the relevant documents to the American prince’s lawyer via email on September 17, as well as by mail on September 21.

The papers were handed over to the secretariat of lawyer Andrew Bretler’s office and to the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

He officially has 21 days to respond. Otherwise it will ask for a “reasonable extension of time”.

Mr Boyce told the Daily Mail: “Andrew’s adviser has agreed that the delivery has been made and time is running out. However, it would be normal for them to ask and we will agree, in a reasonable extension of time to respond to the complaint “.

Prince Andrew: The “silent fish” strategy did not work

Prince Andrew

A source close to the duke claimed that despite the “reservations” of his inner circle, he saw that his “silent fish” strategy did not work, and decided to “remain faithful” to the instructions of his British lawyer, Gary Bloksom.

A source close to Andrew said: “The Duke remains confident of his legal team and its strategy and will continue to follow her advice.”

It should be noted that the American lawyer Andrew Bretler took over the case of Duke, a few weeks ago.

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