Prince Charles “is ready to mend Harry and wants to meet his granddaughter Lilibet”

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Carlo of England is ready to take a step forward for mend the relationship with the child Harry and for finally meet his fifth granddaughter, Lilibet Diana, that Meghan Markle gave birth last June. The ideal occasion for a reconciliation could be the Platinum Jubilee of the Queen, which will be celebrated next year.

The real expert Nick Bullen, speaking to Us Weekly, he said it was certain that «Carlo really wants to meet his latest niece. The Prince of Wales is incredibly sad about everything that has happened and therefore he will want to reunite the family ».

And the Jubilee, or the celebrations for Elizabeth’s 70th anniversary, are “A perfect opportunity” for this rapprochement, Bullen emphasized, “because if Harry and Meghan return to Great Britain they will have to show their support for Elizabeth II. It’s a great chance to be all together again. AND everyone will have to behave well, because that will be the Queen’s time».

Sources at Buckingham Palace say it has been a long time since Carlo is trying to arrange a meeting with his son rebel. The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex they were supposed to have dinner together in early July, when Harry had returned to the UK to inaugurate with his brother William the statue of mum Diana on the occasion of her sixtieth birthday.

A source close to Carlo told al Daily Mail than the heir to the throne in those days he was in Scotland but had decided to return to London to settle the differences with Harry and discuss face to face the heavy fallout on the royal family of the explosive interview that the dukes of Sussex had released to Oprah Winfrey. According to the royal insider, in those days Carlo looked very nervous, as if he “dreaded” dinner with Harry. But that face to face, in the end, would never take place. And therefore the chill between father and son remained and the passage of time did not help a rapprochement.

Plus, like a sword of Damocles, biography hangs over the royal family of Prince Harry who is expected to see the prints at the end of next year. A text that could contain new revelations about the royal family and therefore make reconciliation between the parties even more difficult. “We have seen it in the last year, Harry wants to talk about his life, how he feels and his emotions», Explained the real correspondent of the Sunday Times Roya Nikkakh. “So I think you see this autobiography as a great opportunity to say more than you want to know about his life. And the author of the book (the ghostwriter JR Moehringer, ed) will encourage the prince to be very honest. Although I think Harry doesn’t need much encouragement at this stage. ‘

Also for this Carlo pushes for a confrontation with his son as soon as possible, before a new scandal erupts with the publication of Harry’s biography. And the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, scheduled for June 2-5 next year, could be the right time.

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