Prince Charles, revenge (against Meghan Markle) must be served cold

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What between Charles of England e Meghan Markle there has never been a feeling is now well established. But the clash between the seventy-two year old heir to the throne and his daughter-in-law is likely to level up dramatically. This is what the tabloid reveals National Enquirer which, through sources inside Buckhingam Palace, he reconstructs in great detail Charles’s plan to carry out his revenge once he has ascended the throne.

The “bitter revenge”, as the US newspaper headlined, is divided into three points.

As a first move, Carlo would have decided to deny any royal title to the children of Harry and Meghan, his two grandchildren, Archie who has just turned two and the little sister who is on the way.

The first point of this “final revenge” would strike the dukes of Sussex in the form (the noble titles), the second, instead, them it would hurt in finances. Always according to the sources of the National Enquirer, Charles would have decided to exclude the “rebellious” couple from his will, that is, from the royal inheritance.

Finally, third aspect of the strategy, the prince would have ordered the Buckingham Palace staff to never mention Meghan Markle’s name again.

Carlo’s anger has ancient roots. The queen’s firstborn Elizabeth II would be convinced, from the start, that Meghan wanted to sneak into the royal family only for personal gain, that used Harry solely to gain exposure.

To set him on fire even more, of course, would be the last ones utterances of the second son against the royal family. In the Apple TV series The Me You Can’t See, confiding in Oprah Winfrey again after the bombshell interview in March, the Duke of Sussex defined life inside the English court as “a Truman show, a zoo”. It also revealed that, to suppress the pain caused by the death of his mother Diana, for a period he used alcohol and drugs, also because he never received help from relatives, much less from his father.

Allegations to which the heir to the throne has not officially responded, although last month he sent a significant message. In May Carlo released a video, shot in his private studio, for promote an environmental initiative linked to the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. And the Daily Mail noted a detail: the Prince of Wales made not only the photos of Harry and Meghan disappear, but also those of their eldest son Archie.

It is in this scenario that the sources of the National Enquirer, which return a picture of deep resentment and poison: the former American actress is accused by Carlo of having “torn apart the family”, the prince is «furious because her ‘hothead’ son Harry is too weak to resist her. ‘ The Duke of Sussex, the tabloid still writes, has always ignored his father several times pleaded with him to divorce Meghan: «Harry is blinded by love, he prefers to get away from his real relatives rather than leave Meghan, Archie and the second daughter who will be born in a few weeks ».

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