Prince Charles to “save the world” will fly to America (but will not visit Harry and Meghan)

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Prince Charles, who has always been sensitive to the environment, «he wants to meet Joe Biden to save the world“. He revealed it to Daily Express esteemed royal biographer Robert Jobson, explaining that the heir to the throne is convinced that he can find in the American president a great ally in the fight against climate change. Carlo wants to discuss his with Biden «Terra Carta», the initiative it launched last January to unite the forces of industry, governments, philanthropy and technology and save the world with concrete acts.

When Carlo flies to Washington, Jobson says, the odds are Harry and his wife Meghan Markle they will already be bis parents (their second child will be born this summer). But “It is highly unlikely” that the Prince of Wales takes advantage of the American trip for take a trip to Montecito, Los Angeles, and visit his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

“Carlo will go to America to save the world,” explains the royal expert. But the importance of his trip will be overshadowed by gossip. Everyone will ask: Will he meet the Sussexes? ‘ No, according to Jonson he won’t meet them. IS it will not be a spite for theshock interview to Oprah Winfrey with whom they tore up the royal family, accusing it of racism among other things.

«Carlo will travel for work. It will have a tight schedule, funded by UK taxpayers. His job will consist in flying to Washington, meeting Biden, returning to London ». In short: a detour to Montecito to visit relatives would be really out of place. And yet, if Carlo does not meet the Sussexes in America, “everyone will think he snubbed them. Even if it’s not true ».

What is certain is that relations between father and son are strained Like never before. Harry in the interview with Oprah Winfrey revealed that Carlo, after the Megxit, he stopped answering his phone calls («Better if we write to each other», he would have told him). After the funeral of Filippo, the two they would finally talk. But without being able to find each other.

Harry immediately returned to California after the funeral. He did not stay, as many had assumed, not even until April 21, the day on which Elizabeth II turned 95. A sad birthday, the first without her husband. Between the grandmother queen to be consoled and his pregnant wife Harry chose his wife. A decision that certainly did not please father Carlo. Despite so many tensions, Jonson has no doubts: if the heir to the throne, once in America, will not visit the Sussexes, it will not be because of family quarrels.

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