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Prince Harry and romance articles with Caroline Flack, which in 2009 sent him into a rage

The prince Harry he returned to the courtroom. And in London, where the lawsuit involving the tabloids of the Mirror Group Newspapers is taking place, the process has come alive. After Harry’s first statements, which on Monday 5 June had ranged from the telephone interceptions of which he would have been the victim to insinuations on the fact that Carlo was not really his father, a very old story held the stage on the second day, his relationship with Caroline Flack.

Prince Harry at London’s High Court: ‘Since I was born they’ve told me I’m not my father’s son’
In the trial against the tabloids Harry, the first royal on the witness stand since 1981, attacked the press not only for the alleged illegal wiretaps but also for the articles in which it was said that he took drugs and that Carlo was not his father: «I had fear of being kicked out of the royal family”

It was 2009 and Harry was 25 at the time. With Flack, presenter of Love Island, he had a short story, during an on-off phase with his official girlfriend Chelsy Davy. Harry told himself “furious” for an article published on The People in that year, even if – he admitted – he was not aware that there were 34 others around: he only discovered it thanks to his lawyers during the ongoing legal proceedings. He uses harsh words, the prince, who told himself “persecuted” from the press for over a decade.

With Caroline Flack, older than him, he was paparazzi outside the house of his friend Mark Dyer. «An ambush», Harry described it, but also “unsettling”, because it was a simple evening with friends, not something that assumed media coverage. Caroline Flack, who died by suicide in 2020, was also remembered in Shoot. “He couldn’t take it anymore, it seems. The relentless abuse of the press, year after year, had finally broken it. I felt so bad for her family. I remembered how everyone had suffered for her mortal sin of going out with me,” we read in the autobiography, even if the fact that many did not go down with it. For Alex Mullen of Average APNfor example, it was a move to sell the book, which Harry could have saved himself. With the death of the presenter, effectively, the press comes into it apparently little. She accused of assaulting her partner, at the time of her suicide she was awaiting trial.

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Prince Harry against the tabloids and Buckingham Palace trembles. Here because
Charles III and his son William would be very worried about the process involving the Mirror and other tabloids because in some cases you never know what direction things could take. The royal family, according to the defense, would also have favored the dissemination of sensitive information about Harry. A potential scandal which, were it to explode, would be very difficult to contain

Chelsy Davy, one of Harry’s most famous exes, was also brought into play, who said he was very hurt by a 2007 newspaper headline in which he was labeled “happy” because of the newfound freedom after the breakup. For Harry, after all, every article published about him has been a source of anguish: «I was a teenager at the time, every element was distressing», he has declared. The other party, however, does not give up. MGN’s lawyer retorted that, although there have been many press intrusions into the prince’s life, it is not said that the information was obtained illegally, except in one case, for which Charles’ second son has already received a public apology at the beginning of the process.

Source: Vanity Fair

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