Prince Harry as you don’t expect, “desperate housewife” version

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Before the fateful meeting with Meghan Markle in 2016, the prince Harry lived a long time single. At the time the duke lived in Nottingham Cottages located in the grounds of Kensington Palace in London. And in that mansion, as we now find out from the pages of Shootdid everything by himself: «In addition to doing the laundry (which I often hung out to dry on the radiators) I also took care of the housework, I cooked and went shopping», says the prince revealing his most unprecedented version: that of a «desperate housewife».

Do the shopping at the supermarket, to say the least, it was not a very simple undertaking for him. There was one near the Palace, and Harry went there ‘at least once a week’. But he was forced to plan «every single exit with the same precision as a patrol in Musa Qala. I arrived at different and random times, to throw off the press. I disguised myself: baseball cap pulled down, voluminous coat. I was cruising the lanes at lightning speed, grabbing i salmon fillets that I liked, the brand of yogurt which I preferred. (I had memorized a map of the shop.) More some Granny Smith apples and some bananas. And obviously chips».

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Then he rushed to the cash desks, where he repeatedly found himself listening customers talking about him: for example in 2015, after breaking up with Cressida Bonas, «they wondered if I would ever get married. If you were happy. In case you weren’t gay. Every time I was tempted to tap them on the shoulder… “Hey there”». In short, shopping was a real adventure for Harry (he even had to settle a fight between an elderly couple and a cashier once). Fortunately, sometimes dad’s chef Carlo he filled his freezer with chicken pot pies and cottage pies». And Harry was delighted: “I was grateful I didn’t have to venture to the supermarket so often.”

Like any bachelor, Harry also had a “clothing problem.” At the time, on social media, they made fun of him for his scruffy look. People “wondered why I had the pants so long or the shirt so wrinkled». They had no idea that Harry, instead of ironing, dried his laundry on the radiator. From Shoot we also find out that the prince went hunting for clothes during salesbecause the per diem made available every year by father Carlo was strictly intended for formal clothes: «Suits and ties, ceremonial garments». For casual wear to wear every day «I went to TK Maxx, the discount store. I particularly appreciated the sales annuals, when there were a lot of Gap or J.Crew garments that were just out of season or slightly damaged. By calculating the times well and arriving on the first day of sales, you could have snapped up the same clothes that others had paid for in gold in the shopping streets! For two hundred quid you could pass for one of the latest fashions.’

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Even for shopping, the prince had a precise strategy: «I would arrive at the shop a quarter of an hour before closing. I grabbed a red basket (…). If I found something promising I pulled it to my chest or legs and looked in the mirror. I wasn’t bothering with color or style, and I certainly did I didn’t even go near the dressing rooms. If he was cute and comfortable, he ended up in the trash.’ Then he left the discount store all satisfied: «For another six months I would no longer have to think about clothes».

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Source: Vanity Fair

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