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Prince Harry: Ex-Vegas stripper auctions black underwear he wore to ‘wild party’

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the legendary party in Vegas, which starred prince harryex girlfriend stripper Carrie Reichert, known as Carrie Royale, who reportedly accompanied the British prince to party of in America auctions the undergarment together with the dress but also the underwear she was wearing on the night in question, reports the Mirror.

The 43-year-old former dancer claims she was in a hotel suite with the prince when he didn’t leave a fig leaf on her while playing strip pool.

In August 2012, photos of Prince Harry from his holiday in Las Vegas which embarrass Buckingham Palace. In the controversial photos, which created a scandal in Britain and beyond, Harry was depicted naked in a hotel suite while trying to cover his genitals with his hands. He was joined by a topless young woman while Harry was seen hugging another woman completely naked. In other images the British prince was having fun with ethereal beings at night in a hotel pool.

The stripper is now auctioning the “princely underwear”, which she has since taken possession of, estimating that its value could reach $1 million. The auction will take place at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, a club that Prince Harry is rumored to have stopped by during his visit to the city.

The 43-year-old said a portion of the proceeds would go to the Archewell charity, which was set up by the British prince and his American wife after stepping down from royal duties.

The auction begins Thursday, with a starting price of $10,000. If bidding reaches or exceeds $800,000, the winner will receive a 1996 3-liter Dom Perignon Rose aged champagne wrapped in 24-carat gold leaf, valued at over $200,000.

“I’m organizing the auction to remind him of his fun side, the side that his marriage to his wife Megan has now put under restraint,” said Carrie Royale, speaking to the American website TMZ.

Source: News Beast

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