Home Entertainment Prince Harry is increasingly lonely (because of Meghan Markle)

Prince Harry is increasingly lonely (because of Meghan Markle)

Prince Harry is increasingly lonely (because of Meghan Markle)

Prince Harry he is more and more alone. Because of his wife Meghan Markle. As the Daily Mailthe grandson of the queen, who has been living in California for two years now, as well as being in war with the royal family cannot even count on old friends. He would have been the one to push them away, but not on his own initiative. To push him to clean up his intimate circle would have been his wife.

Several VIPs would end up on Markle’s blacklist. Just a few weeks ago the famous comedian Jack Whitehallfriend of Harry for many years, al Daily Mail revealed that the prince she didn’t invite him to the royal wedding with Meghan and then after the wedding it disappeared completely. Then there is the case of Tom Inskip said Skippy, Harry’s classmate in Eton and best friend of the prince at the time of university. The two, inseparable, had shared a lot together, including the pranks that had filled the pages of the gossip newspapers: it was Skippy, to say, the boy with whom Harry was photographed in Las Vegas, naked, in a hotel room full of girls in skimpy dresses. The spell was broken when Tom, at the time of his engagement to Markle, advise friend to be cautious, to use leaden feet in the relationship with the actress, apparently too distant from the habits and customs of the British monarchy. That council ended up opening a feudso that Skippy and his wife were invited to the royal couple’s wedding ceremony but not to the evening party that followed.

Even the Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt he said he had no more contact with Prince William since Meghan Markle entered his life: “We haven’t talked to each other in quite a while. It changed its life quickly. You have left the past behindSaid the sprinter last December, in an interview with Sunwithout hiding his nostalgia: «I’d like that anyway keep in touch“. And to think that the two were as close friends as in 2017 Bolt he publicly offered to organize bachelor party to the prince: «I’m struggling a three nights of partying», He declared at the time,« one a Kingstonone a Las Vegas and one a London. I know it’s one notable request, but these are his last nights of freedom. I’ll call Meghan myself and take responsibility for bringing him home safe and sound“. Claims that they tore a smile even to Harry, but that today – about five years later – they seem only the faded memory of a friendship.

But why Meghan, if what she writes on is true Daily Mail, would she push her husband to make a clean sweep of his old friendships? The British newspaper has an explanation: the former actress wants around him alone powerful characters like Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and Amal Alamuddin. Important friendships that could be useful especially for chasing what according to gossip would be her true American dream: become the next president of the United States. The scenario looks like science fiction, yet many British royal observers are convinced that the Duchess moved to the US to throw himself into politics at home. Wants become, in 2024, the lady of the White House. And Harry will be his “First Man”.

Source: Vanity Fair



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