Prince Philip discharged from the hospital, returns to Windsor to Queen Elizabeth

One month, even even. The Prince Philip was discharged today, March 16, from King Edward VII’s Hospital, a private clinic in London, where the February 16 last: from England they say that it is the “Longer hospitalization” of his almost 100 years of life. He will do them in June, in the meantime he has finally returned to windsor castle where to wait for him he found the Queen Elizabeth, his wife since 1947.

How is the prince consort it is not known, real sources however assure that in these 28 days of hospitalization has not lost its characteristic “good mood”. From Buckingham Palace they immediately clarified that the “malaise»Of the Duke of Edinburgh was due to an unspecified “infection”, not attributable to coronavirus: “He showed up alone, without ambulance», The reporters reassured, avoiding emergencies.

Then came the momentary transfer at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, a center specializing in cardiology, also in London, where Philip «was subjected to a minor heart surgery, linked to a pre-existing condition “, said da Palazzo. To create suddenly a bit of apprehension it was the visit of his son Carlo, photographed at the exit of the hospital with visibly shiny eyes.

“My grandfather he’s better”, were the words of the grandson William who swept the sky come on ghosts. How many days Prince Philip should have spend in hospital, however, no one has ever been unbalanced: “The necessary time”, he had limited himself to declaring the staff. However the caution it was a must given the age of the duke and his family old health problems which forced him to retire a private life.

In fact, in 2017 he moved to Norfolk, in his beloved countryside, away from the spotlight. Except then having to suddenly abandon it a year ago, due to the Covid-19 pandemic: he and the queen were as a precaution isolated in a royal bubble in Windsor Castle. There where today, having defeated the infection, Prince Philip can do it return.