Prince Philip: The posthumous gifts to his three closest aides

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After death it seems that he rewards Prince Philip three close assistants who stood by his side and assisted him in his work. According to a royal source cited by the Daily Mail, the Duke of Edinburgh left financial gifts to these helpers in his 30 30 million will.

They are the special secretary of Archie Miller-Bakewell and the assistants William Henderson and Stephen Niedojadlo.

The three men were among six assistants who walked behind members of the royal family, who were following Prince Philip’s coffin during his funeral at Windsor Castle on April 17. However, none of them was able to attend the ceremony in the chapel of Agios Georgios due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of Philip’s estate is believed to have gone to Queen Elizabeth, while the money to his grandchildren must “have been distributed for some time”. This means that Prince Harry can get some money though the recent attacks it has unleashed on the royal family in recent times, notes the Daily Mail.

A source close to Buckingham Palace told the Sun: “Unlike other blue-bloods, Prince Philip will be generous with the three men who cared for him.

These include Archie Miller Bakewell’s special secretary and assistants William Henderson and Stephen Niedojadlo. “

The same source added that “Philip was not the kind of man who would punish his grandson (Harry) for bad behavior. He was a very fair and loving man. He never held a grudge. “
Philip’s children, according to the same source, had been informed that “they can get whatever they want” from the library of his 13,000 books in the palace.

Miller-Bakewell led a small group of workers loyal to Prince Philip, who followed his coffin last month in recognition of their years of devotion.

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