Prince William and David Beckham, tuxedos and laughs (for a good cause)

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On the one hand an heir to the throne, on the other, an officer of the order ofbritish empire: same table, same tuxedo. William of England e David Beckham attended the event «Who cares wins», the award ceremony organized a London from Sun to celebrate the “heroes»Of the national health service (NHS) than in the last 18 months they faced the coronavirus, and not only.

William and David entered the room separated, then yes they are sitting close together, one next to the other. At some point in the evening, the future king is took the stage and took the microphone: «Every day ours emergency services they face difficult and high-pressure situations, ”he said before delivering identification to two paramedics, Deena Evans e Mick Hipgrave. “You are truly heroic.”

The two, in fact, have risked dying during a call when they have been stabbed by a knife-wielding assailant. “When most of them don’ti turns away in search of safety, there are rescuers running straight to danger and often save lives, jeopardizing their own “, added the duke in front of an audience of celebrities, including the premier Boris Johnson.

On the other hand, the same William, for some years, was helicopter rescue pilot and he knows how much courage it takes to face csteep contexts. “They tell you they’re alone doing their job, but I assure you that there are situations that challenge the determination even the most experienced rescuer. You have to find within yourself the force to overcome the deepest fears. And this is for me heroic».

The first to applaud? David Beckham, of course.

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