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Prince William and Kate Middleton have renovated their Kensington Palace living room

Diplomatic photographs should not usually be spied on to discover the private lives of public figures, but when Prince William met New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at Kensington Palace, we noticed a change in the living room decor compared to when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hosted Barack and Michelle Obama in 2016.

Jacinda Ardern and Prince William at Kensington Palace, July 2022, with the newly upholstered ottoman in the foreground

Kensington Palace

In the six years since then, the living room has been rethought: the neutral color palette on beige is still widely in effect, but the large octagonal ottoman in the center of the space has changed its look. The cream-colored fabric and golden trims have been replaced by a colorful floral print, which gives a touch of liveliness to the very ecru surrounding. The effect is undoubtedly more modern, while remaining discreet. A further touch of color was given by the intense red lampshades that harmonize with the pouf.

The Obamas visiting Kensington Palace in 2016

The heavy curtains, decorative vases, and gilded coffee tables still remain in place, as do the framed photos. The overall effect is that of certainly studied elegance, but not cold.

Source: Vanity Fair

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