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“Priscilla”: Reynaldo Gianecchini appears as a drag queen; see photos

The actor from São Paulo Reynaldo Gianecchini 51, appeared on social media on Monday night (14) characterized as the character Mitzie Mitosis the drag queen he will play in the musical “Priscilla: queen of the desert “.

The actor will be the protagonist of the Brazilian production, playing Anthony Belrose, called Tick a man who dresses up as a drag queen (Mitzie) and decides to travel with friends from work (two other drag queens) to find a son with whom he is not close.

Alongside Gianecchini will be the actor Diego Martins , 27, who became known for playing Kelvin in the soap opera “Terra e Paixão”. In the musical, he will do Adam Whiteley who rides as a drag queen Felicia .

The actress and singer from Ceará Veronica Valentino , 38, completes the play’s main trio. Winner of the Shell award for best actress, the artist will bring to life Bernadette Bassenger a trans woman who also performs as a drag queen.

The role of Bernadette will alternate between Verónica and the actress Wallie Ruy in some shows.

The musical's official page on a social network published photos of the four with their characters' costumes.

The cast is also made up of 21 other actors and dancers, who will participate in classic music numbers, set to disco hits.

The show “Priscilla: the queen of the desert” premieres on June 7th at Teatro Bradesco, in Perdizes, in the west of São Paulo.

Source: CNN Brasil

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