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Prisma 2: where to watch it in streaming for free, the cast and the plot

The second season of is finally online and ready to stream Prismthe series written and directed by Ludovico Bessegato, former director of SKAM Italia, is available on Amazon Prime Video.

After a great first season, and its success in streaming, the protagonists Lorenzo Zurzolo and Mattia Carrano return to tell the story of young Daniele and Andrea. A succession of stories, events and adventures that tell in a crystalline and clear way about adolescence and the approach to adulthood.

Where to see Prism streaming (free)

Available on Amazon Prime Videofrom June 6th, Prism 2 it is visible by subscribing to the Prime service. Unlike other TV series, in this case it is sufficient to have a Prime subscription, to be activated through this link. At the price of 49.90 euros per year or 4.90 euros per month, the Amazon subscription, in addition to the possibility of watching films and streaming in an unlimited manner, allows access to many other services such as free shipping, Amazon Music and more. A plus for students? The service available at a preferential and discounted rate: 24.95 euros per year or 2.49 euros per month.

But not everyone knows that it is possible to activate this service completely free of charge. In fact, every new member will be able to take advantage of the trial period of 30 days, which becomes 90 days for those who sign up to Prime Student. The first step? Register via this link, use the free trial period and cancel your subscription before the end of the 30 or 90 days. Furthermore, this will also allow you to explore the films, TV series and numerous services available.

Prism 2: what happens in the second season

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There are those who are ready for a binge watching non-stop and those who, instead, prefer to savor the episodes with the right calm they deserve. Because venturing into the bonds between adolescents, their evolution and their multi-faceted personalities is not at all simple, which, once again, Bessegato he can do it perfectly.

In this new season, the guys from Latina protagonists of Prism 2, they find themselves in a more concrete environment where, inevitably, they will find themselves confronting and clashing with the outside world and the relationships that compose it. Something that the viewers of the show will also be subjected to in some way.

Focus on also on an increasingly important and increasingly protagonist topic in the news every day: the revenge porn.

The cast of Prisma 2

For this second season of Prisma, the The cast is back in full force in its original formation:

  • Mattia Carrano is Andrea/Marco
  • Lorenzo Zurzolo is Daniele
  • Caterina Forza is Nina
  • Chiara Bordi is Carrot
  • LXX Blood is Vittorio
  • Matteo Scattaretico is Ilo
  • Zakaria Hamza is Sami
  • Riccardo Afan de Rivera Costaguti is Boncio
  • Flavia Del Prete is Zelia
  • Asia Patrignani is Jun
  • Elena Falvella Capodaglio is Micol

Source: Vanity Fair

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