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Prison colonies are being closed in Russia, as… there are no prisoners

The sharp decrease in the number of prisoners, which led to the closure of some prison colonies in Russia, is not due to the humanization of the law, but to the war, which the country is waging against Ukraine for the third year. From the summer of 2022, they are sending prisoners en masse to the front. Initially, the Wagner mercenary organization dealt with the recruitment of prisoners, while now the Ministry of Defense continues its work. Those who remain are transferred to other prison colonies, writes the Russian service of the BBC. The BBC and the Mediazona website report that they have obtained access to documents relating to the payment of 5 million rubles in compensation paid in the event of the death of a Wagner contractor. This list of personal details of 19,547 Wagner mercenaries killed is the most important source of information on the mercenary’s losses, taken into account in calculations of Russian losses in the Ukraine war. In all these cases, writes the Russian service of the BBC, we know the numbers of the military […]
Source: News Beast

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