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Pro-Palestine activist releases dozens of live mice at Birmingham McDonald’s restaurant

Her his solidarity with the Palestinian people expressed an activist at Birmingham, England spreading live mice inside McDonald’s chain restaurants. The rodents were painted in the colors of the Palestinian flag, as reported by Daily Mail, and were taken to the restaurant by the man whose identity remains unknown.

A man with a Palestinian headscarf is seen taking a large box out of the trunk of a car with PAIISTN plates, which he carried into the restaurant where threw the small rodents on the floor towards two women who ran away.

The man is heard shouting pro-“free Palestine” slogans as he returns to his car, then calls for a boycott of Israel. According to the British newspaper, the McDonald’s chain confirmed the incident stressing that the restaurant was “completely disinfected”.

In the video uploaded by the activist on social media, messages are shown calling on the British to boycott businesses that support ‘apartheid Israel’while the clip concludes with a recorded call, where a man is heard bragging about the raid on the restaurant, and another voice calling the mission “successful.”

Source: News Beast

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