Probably within 2022 the law for upgrading biogas to biomethane

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Probably in 2022, the bill will be ready that will regulate the upgrading of biogas to biomethane and its injection into the natural gas network, said the vice-president of the Hellenic Association of Biogas Producers Spyros Tziakas, speaking at the conference on “Energy Saving – Biogas” which organized by the Technical Chamber of Greece/ Department of Central Macedonia (TEE/ TCM).

As he explained, the bill will provide a solution to the problem faced by biogas production units, which due to the large development of photovoltaics from 2019, cannot be connected to sell their electricity, so they will be able to choose to upgrade biogas to biomethane and thus be able to channel it into the network.

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Members of the Hellenic Association of Biogas Producers are 35 of the approximately 50 units that have been created in Greece, with an installed capacity of close to 40 MW.

Mr. Tziakas is the president and managing director of the Lagada Biogas company, which annually utilizes approximately 80,000 tons of waste yielding 8,400 MWh of electricity and 75,000 tons of organic soil conditioner suitable for fertilizing and improving 5,000 acres of agricultural land.

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There are many environmental and socio-economic benefits from biogas, pointed out the Director of the Agricultural Construction & Equipment Laboratory of AUTH, Prof. of Agriculture Thomas Kotsopoulos, adding that “we have renewable energy production while simultaneously protecting the environment”.

He underlined that “it is important to build on this technology for the benefit of the circular economy and better management of resources”.

New technologies, he pointed out, are being developed around the production of biogas, strengthening the circular economy model in various sectors. As an example he cited the conversion of residual methane and ammonia found in the digested material of biogas units into single-cell proteins, which will give a new dimension to the food-energy nexus.

Single cell protein is high quality pure protein and can be used as a feed supplement and mainly as fish feed. In addition to being used as animal feed, single-cell proteins could be hydrolyzed and used as a solution of amino acids for use as biofertilizers for growing plants.

As he said, Mr. Kotsopoulos, the Agricultural Construction and Equipment Laboratory contributes to the development of technologies that strengthen the adoption of the circular economy model in the biogas sector.

The topicality of biogas and other alternative forms of energy was highlighted in his greeting by the president of TEE/TKM, Giorgos Tsakoumis and added that “the Chamber aspires to put a stone in the information”.

The need for the actions of both the State and the private sector to move in the direction of energy saving was pointed out by the chairman of the Permanent Energy Committee of the TEE/TKM, Dimitris Kouskouridis.

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