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Procon inspects gas stations in RJ after reducing the ICMS on gasoline

Procon inspects gas stations in RJ after reducing the ICMS on gasoline

After reducing the ICMS rate on gasoline and ethanol from 32% to 18%, the government of Rio de Janeiro starts this Monday (4th) an inspection at gas stations. If the establishment has not lowered the price of the liter and does not present invoices proving the value charged, it may be fined.

The operation was called Lupa na Bomba and will be carried out by teams from Procon and the Department of Consumer Protection, with the support of the Civil and Military Police, in the five regions of the state.

According to information from Procon, in the inspection, initially the post that has not lowered prices will be fined. Thereafter, an administrative proceeding will be opened for investigation. If any irregularity is proven, the amount of the fine is calculated according to the seriousness of the problem and the revenue of the place, and can reach R$ 12 million.

In the case of gasoline, according to the government, the expectation is for a reduction of R$ 1.19 per liter. For the accounts, the State took into account an average of R$ 7.80, with a forecast of reaching R$ 6.61.

On Friday (1st), the same day of the announcement of the change in ICMS, the ANP announced a drop in the value of gasoline even before the change in Rio de Janeiro. The price went from R$ 7.79, in the last week, to R$ 7.63.

In the case of ethanol, the government expects a reduction of R$ 0.79 per liter. Also according to the ANP, the price of a liter has already dropped from R$ 5.97 to R$ 5.80 before the tax drop.

The ICMS reduction was announced by Governor Cláudio Castro last Friday, after a law enacted by President Jair Bolsonaro, which limits the rate for essential services, such as fuel, energy, telecommunications and public transport.

In addition, in the case of fuels, there is a discussion in the STF. Minister André Mendonça determined that the rates be uniform throughout the country. For diesel, there has already been an agreement at the National Council for Finance Policy (Confaz). States seek more time for debate over gasoline and ethanol. Meanwhile, according to a survey by the CNN at least 19 states and the Federal District have already announced a reduction in ICMS on fuel.

After the announcement, Governor Cláudio Castro met with representatives of gas station unions in Rio de Janeiro and said he expects the reduction to reach the pumps by this Monday (4).

Source: CNN Brasil



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