Producer Henrique Ribeiro’s body is veiled in Salvador

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Producer Henrique Ribeiro, known as “Henrique Bahia”, was one of the victims of the plane crash that killed singer Marília Mendonça and part of her team on Friday (5) in Caratinga, Minas Gerais. His body was taken to Salvador on a chartered flight, and the wake takes place at the Jardim da Saudade Cemetery. The burial is scheduled for 5pm.

Henrique was born in the capital of Bahia, but for a decade he lived in Goiânia. He was respected by the artistic milieu of Salvador. His relationship with Marília went beyond the role he played as general producer. The two had been in a friendly relationship for over six years.

He was a supporter of Esporte Clube Vitória and even presented Marília with a team shirt. The club posted the images on its social networks honoring the two. Henrique leaves behind an eight-year-old son.

The producer also worked for singer Cristiano Araújo, who died in 2015. On the day of the car accident involving Araújo, Henrique was going by bus to the same show. At that time, Marília welcomed part of her team and called Henrique and other professionals to work with her.

The last performance of the country singer in the capital of Bahia was in September 2019, when she was part of the Salvador Fest program. Months before, in April, she passed through the city taking the concert of the tour ‘Todos os Cantos’. Marília had also chosen Salvador to spend this year’s New Year’s Eve with her family.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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