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Producers accuse BA government of supporting MST in invasions

Rural producers who organized themselves to combat the wave of invasions promised by the MST in the so-called Red April accuse the government of Bahia of supporting the group in movements that take place across the state, commanded by the PT.

The first case, an invasion, occurred, according to the movement of producers called Invasão Zero, last Saturday, in the municipality of Canavieiras.

The group of producers organized the removal of the landless and were instructed by the Military Police to go to court to ask for repossession.

This Tuesday (4), in another location, in the municipality of Itabela, rural producers report that there was an attempt to repossess a rural property invaded by the MST in February which, according to them, was not carried out because the police they said there was not enough contingent to fulfill it.

“On Saturday we went to Canavieiras and the group of producers who removed the landless from the site — after the police informed them that they had to ask for their reintegration.

“Today, in Itabela, there was a judicial decision for reintegration, but we were informed that there were not enough police to comply”, Luis Uaiquim, who coordinates the group Invasão Zero, told CNN.

The mobilization of producers against the Red April was revealed by the MST in March. They also accuse the government of Bahia of temporizing with the MST.

They also say that there is a culture in the government of not curbing MST movements. They cite two examples that would make this line clear.

In one of the cases, they cite a speech given this week by the state secretary for Justice and Human Rights, Felipe Freitas, in which he recognizes the model of “dialogue” with the invaders and that the struggle for land is a “legitimate right”.

“A few years ago, at the end of the first (Jacques) Wagner government, this method of ensuring dialogue in the process of compliance with repossession was recognized as a successful measure because compliance has to be done, but the form of compliance has to be discussed with communities to avoid irreparable damage, loss of human life, injury to physical integrity,” said Freitas.

Government secretary Jerônimo Rodrigues also suggested that the producers’ movement is a “private militia”

“The struggle for land is a legitimate right of workers, as is the right of landowners to defend their properties; but this has to be established through the state.”

“It is the police who have to ensure compliance with the law. Any formation of private militia, private group to defend interests is not part of the democratic game and will not be tolerated by the government,” he said.

CNN contacted Freitas through his press office and is awaiting a response.

In another video, the vice-governor of the state, Geraldo Júnior, says that what the MST does is occupation and not invasion.

“I had the opportunity to know that the MST movement is not an invasion, it is an occupation for young people and families, so that youth and the elderly have the opportunity to subsist and stay in the countryside,” he said.

Bahia government advisory reported that the event at which he spoke took place on March 16.

Sought, the government of Bahia did not manifest itself. The MST informed that it would release a note about the episodes in Bahia.

Source: CNN Brasil

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