Professor stopped studying coronavirus because some people did not like his conclusions

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A professor of clinical epidemiology from Sweden has stopped researching him coronavirus when he was harshly criticized for his conclusions.

Jonas Ludvigsson found that children are at low risk of Covid-19, but his study undermines the country’s political decision to keep schools closed.

Jonas Ludvigsson, an academic at the Karolinska Institute Sweden, said he lost sleep from “angry messages on social media and emails”, as his research runs counter to the country’s national school strategy.

Ludvigsson studied children aged 1-16 during the first wave of the pandemic last spring. Only 15 children ended up in intensive care, he found, a rate of 0.77 per 100,000 children. In fact, no one died from the disease.

As for the teachers, “less than 30 ended up in ICU during the same period, a percentage of 19 per 100,000 “. Ludvigsson even noted that at that time no child wore a mask.

Both the Minister of Education, Matilda Ernkrans, and the President of the Karolinska Institute, Ole Petter Ottersen, took part in the discussion, who told the British Medical Journal that scientists should be protected from such attacks in connection with their research.

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